GR48-H 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack w/Hooks

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  • Installation TypeCeiling
  • Size4’X8′
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Weight Capacity600 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

The FLEXIMOUNTS 4ft-by-8ft Overhead Garage Storage Rack is an ideal choice to maximize your storage space. This durable and heavy duty overhead storage system has a capacity of up to 600 lbs. It is made of powder coated steel. The height can be adjusted from 22 to 40 inches providing a convenient and safe place to organize your stuff. This system is simple to set up and all the hardware and instructions needed are included in the package. Fleximounts overhead garage storage racks come with four different sizes to help you to get the best fit for your garage: 4'x8'.

Package Includes:
1 x Garage Rack
4 pcs Flat Hooks
2 pcs Utility Hooks
Hardware kit
Accessory hooks and items pictured on the racks are not included


1. Intergrated grid design for easier installation, compared to other racks which need separate installation of the frame and wire.
2. 4 pcs Flat Hooks; 2 pcs Utility Hooks Included.
3. 22” to 40” ceiling dropdown provides up to 105 cu. Ft. of storage, compared to other racks with max 33” ceiling dropdown (max. 88 cu. Ft. of storage). Dimensions: 96 in. L x 48 in. W x 22-40 in. H.
4. Cold-rolled 14 gauge steel made rack can hold up to 600 pounds of distributed weight safely and effectively.
5. Everything arrived in one box compared to other racks come with separate boxes.


1. Dimensions: 96 in. L x 48 in. W x 22-40 in. H; Universal compatibility with different ceiling joists spacing.
2. Height adjustment: From 22 to 40 inches
3. Weight capacity: Up to 600 pounds
4. Material: Powder-coated steel wire

A great practical gift for anyone. You will not be disappointed.

So far it is working as advertised.

Great storage option. More than a one man job for installation

This storage rack is great! I wish I would have bought one years ago!

Solid product. Took about 5 hours to install doing it by myself. Could maybe install faster next time around but took a while to find studs, mark, measure, ect… Once the studs were marked and ceiling brackets were in place, it went quickly from there. Really like the rack and it really cleaned up our garage space. Would purchase again. Recommended.

This moves items off of the garage floor. No more dings in my car doors. My son installed it for me & since he is pretty handy he did not have any problems.

Overhead storage in garage, works well

I’m so excited to have this. We moved into a condo 1/3 the size of our old house and needed the extra storage space. It’s easy to store anything and a lot easier for us old folks to retrieve our items. We going to order a second one. Thank you!!!

They are so helpful for organizing the bikes and tools.

I like the way these are built. Solid. It takes time to find studs in the ceiling and measure out where to mount the brackets but that is truly the hardest and most time consuming part of the install. After that installation was a breeze. Set aside a few hours to have it completed. This thing can hold a lot of weight and I highly recommend to free up floor space in your garage or storage room. Recommend.

If you are organizing a space, particularly a garage or attic, these garage hooks are a must. Very sturdy, easy to install and a good value. I am glad I purchased this garage hook. The garage hook is very strong. It can hook up a heavy lawn mower and it doesn’t bend. There are many sizes in a set, 4 pcs Flat Hooks; 2 pcs Utility Hooks Included. These hooks were easy to install since it came with screws already. Bought to organize garage items and they work for that purpose. Very strong holding power. Used hooks to hang various yard rakes, shovels, bike, etc. Good product! Good price!

works exactly as described. great storage capacity and use of dead space in garage with 11ft ceiling.

I like it!

Great product overall.
what i like
East to assemble, looks clean, uses space that is otherwise wasted

Good product. Comes with various sizes. My kids are getting older so we have been getting more things for them. Got some bikes, scooters. Etc. I was asking my wife that we need some way to organize because our garage is getting full. I was thinking of building a second floor so to speak in one corner for the garage and just throw things up there. But then we said, maybe we try buy hooks for now. Went on online and saw this, ordered it. Quick shipping too. So this worked great. Installed it on one side of the garage. We were able to hang the kids bikes but also we hang some extension cords, the grass cutter (weed whacker), some brooms. They look great too. Don’t hesitate to buy, they work well. I need more to finish my organization project and will definitely buy more!

These garage hooks are a life saver!

This was a great purchase. It added tons of storage to my garage. It is solid as a rock. I did the installation by myself. It took me about 2 1/2 hours, but worth it.

We are planning ahead for a garage product and needed a variety of hook sizes for our weeder and other misc small equipment. These had a nice variety of size options to fit our needs. They shipped quickly and easy to assemble. My garage was a disaster. Stuff all over and no organization whatsoever. These hooks helped me a lot. Get my garage in order. Hook is firm and easy to install. With complete accessories. I like the variety of sizes and shaped. Highly recommend, I’m very happy with my purchase.

My son bought a new house with a nice two car garage. It’s pretty nice but it didn’t have any way of hanging anything. He was looking for some way of hanging his power tools and larger items like his ladder. He is very organized so I thought these would work well. I only bought one set because for the price I wasn’t expecting much but this garage hook exceeded my expectation. Convenient and durable hooks, on them he was able to hang almost all the items that used to be on the floor in my garage such as the garden tools, and stairs, and bicycles, and after all I still have couple of pieces left. This product is a must buy for all garage owner.

Love it. Holds tons of items.

Exactly what I needed for hanging my tools in the garden shed. Hooks of different sizes meet my different requirements. I like this garage hook, which is very convenient and installed as soon as I receive it. The quality is very good, it can hang a lot of heavy things. Make my warehouse tidy. Better quality than expected. These are great garage hooks! My garage is now a calm and ordered place, where once chaos reigned, with the many tools and things hanging. I use large hooks to hang my large ladder. Good product with many option. Decent value for money and everything arrived in one box compared to other racks come with separate boxes.

I purchased 2 packs of these. Installed them in my garage. Over all they work great! Nice and sturdy and great storage. I mostly put large containers on them and they hold the weight well.

Works as advertised, I have installed and started using. Added more storage for my garage.

We were looking for hooks that we could install with screws rather than screwing the hooks themselves into the wall and these were the sturdiest ones we found. We ordered our first set and used them all up hanging a variety of items, it came with Cold-rolled 14 gauge steel made rack can hold up to 600 pounds of distributed weight safely and effectively. This was a great purchase! Worth every penny. I received one as a birthday present and the day after putting it up I purchased ANOTHER. These garage hooks are very durable!

This utility garage hooks met all my expectations, it came with Integrated grid design for easier installation, it was passing with respect to the hardware included and the design to mount them. The accompanying hardware is more than enough for the average garage wall. I have a ladder, a couple of garden tools, power tools, bike, and some heavy extension cables happily hanging now. Easy to hang up and holds weight. These are very useful hooks for organizing my storage room, they are durable and hold things perfectly. Everything arrived in one box compared to other racks come with separate boxes. Great price for the quality hooks.

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