How to Choose the Best Monitor Mount

A monitor mount that functions as a supportive bracket to secure a computer monitor, laptop, or notebook needs to be carefully chosen. A monitor mount positioned at the appropriate height, distance, and angle can help prevent possible health problems, for example, excessive fatigue, eyestrain, neck, and back pain, as well as saving workspace on your desk, to some extent. Based on the design, monitor mounts can be adjusted to move up and down, tilt, rotate, swivel, and retract. However, if you’re looking for a suitable monitor mount, you need to consider the following points.


  1. Check Out The Characteristics Of Your Monitor.


VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Compatible/VESA Hole Pattern


Before buying a monitor mount, ensure that it has VESA compatibility. Monitor designers usually create a standard VESA hole pattern on the back of the monitor for hanging purposes. That implies drilling a typical hole pattern into the back, usually straight into the metal body of the monitor itself, allowing any specific well-matched bracket to be screwed in. However, some cheaper, smaller, or thinner monitors may not have VESA compatibility as these work with the custom stands provided by the manufacturer.


Weight, Size, and Quantity

You need to calculate the number of monitors you want to secure with a bracket and determine their body weight and size, which fixes the arm’s size and type. In the meantime, check out your desk’s capacity. For large desks, a standard monitor stand with a framework of 6-12 inches is quite sufficient, but on small desktops, the space that is required for a desk mount monitor can be used in a simpler way.


  1. Types of Monitor Arms


  • Spring mount

A spring bracket is attached to the desk, allowing it to accommodate the user’s specific requirements, such as what length and angle he wants the monitor to be. Additionally, you can easily adjust spring mounts and it’s a great choice if more than one person is using the monitor.


  • Multiple mount

A multiple mount is really an excellent choice if you have two or more computer monitors and it also allows you to simply regulate the height of the monitor the way you prefer it.


  • Wall mount

Wall mounts are a good choice for those who need a totally free desk and a functional work area. Occasionally a desk mount is not an option and a wall mount will serve as a great alternative. These are generally a preferred choice in places with higher foot traffic such as airports and hospitals.


  • Laptop mount

This kind of monitor arm resolves one of the greatest challenges that laptop computer users experience–neck and shoulder pain. The laptop mount allows the monitor to be placed at the user’s favorite position.


  • Rail mount

Though there are a few rail mounts for particular monitors, these are generally used for dual and multiple computer monitors. A rail mount assists the user to simply organize his monitors for appropriate viewing and they don’t take up a huge amount of space.


  1. Other Factors You Need To Consider


When you view a monitor mount that is perfect for your desk dimension, monitor’s dimension, and weight, there are other factors you must consider before making a purchase. The first thing is high quality, which means a long lasting product and a very flexible, adjustment range. For instance, it must have lasting hardware support clamps and a gas spring revolving system to support all of the adjustments. Besides this, it must not make any unusual noises when you regulate it. In fact, in regards to a monitor mount, an ergonomic design is crucial since we all anticipate that it will prevent an excess amount of time bending over the computer desk and reduce our eye, back, and neck pain.





Ultimately, when you need a mount to secure your monitor, whether it is a wall mount, desk mount, or some other type, there are single bracket and multiple bracket types, which are suitable for the majority of people. The ideal monitor mount; however, is the one that allows you to conveniently adjust it so that it offers the most comfort and ease for your eyes, shoulders, neck, and back.

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