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GR48B 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack Black

From: $179.99

  • Installation TypeCeiling
  • Size4’X8′
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Weight Capacity600 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1/GRH1B

  • SizeFlat Hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4pcs Rail Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH2/GRH2B

  • Sizerail hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

2pcs Utility Hooks For Overhead Garage Storage Racks GRH3/GRH3B

  • SizeUtility Hook
  • Weight Capacity35 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

Why Overhead Garage Racks

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Instead, there is lots of stuff taking up the garage area that was meant for your vehicles. The Fleximount overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to tuck away something you don’t need to use regularly, thus leaving more space to park your cars.

  1. fleximounts-garage-storage-solution


Our durable and heavy-duty overhead storage system provides a safe place to organize your stuff.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The integrated wire grid design and frame are welded together, making the unit more sturdy and stable.


Suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling.

Wall studs
Concrete wall


Provides safety loading up to 600 lbs.


Provides safety loading up to 600 lbs.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

Install Yours in Just a Few Steps

Packaged Solutions

We offer you more installation solutions to perfectly fit your space.

Supporting Materials

Installation Video

Package Includes:
1 x Garage Rack
Hardware kit
Accessory hooks and items pictured on the racks are not included


92 reviews for GR48B 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack Black

Overall a great product and impressive customer support that answers questions real time.

UPDATE: the Seller (TI Brands Outlet) promptly got in touch with me and shipped a replacement part that took care of the noise problem. Good customer service. Solid product!

The desk itself is well made and has great style. However, it honestly is the same style as the desks sold at Autonomous.ai for less ($100 less, actually) and the Autonomous desk has better electronics.

Best purchase of the year : )

The programmable height is indeed working. Its not the same way as it was shown at […]website. You need to hold the M button for a while and then the height will blink. Then you press one of the preset buttons. To use those buttons, you need to keep holding them and then the desk will go up to that earlier set height. My desk makes sound while going up. Its not silent. Overall I am happy. Its my office desk. My Manager bought it for me.

I love it. I sit at a desk all day long. My sciatica started getting really bad such that when I stood up there was a shooting pain down my leg and then a continuous dull throbbing. I have a U-desk and the desktop middle (at the bottom of the U) is a short piece that is secured to the sides of the U. I attached the base to the middle part of the desktop and then a keyboard tray that slides out. I have a mushroom-like chair and when I am sitting, I have the keyboard out and when standing, I slide the keyboard in and stand closer and so I don’t have to move my chair in and out. After just a week of half sitting and half standing, I no longer have the shooting pain down my leg and the dull throbbing pain is fading. There were minor issues with the motor when I received the Ergo frame and customer support was immediately responsive and resolved the issue.

The ONLY Way To Eat An OreoI LOVE IT! Purchased this to replace the frame of my current desktop and I can safely say this was the best investment of my life. I stand more now thanks to the rapid adjustment from seated position to fully standing. One moment I’m seated and in 5 seconds I’m standing! Thanks to this desk I feel more healthy than ever and most importantly my back no longer hurts from long sitting sessions.

Great quality desk! It is exactly what I was looking for when picking a standing desk. Ergo Elements has awesome customer support, highly recommended!

I’m not one to take the time to fill out review’s but I have found that they are helpful when making my purchases. I had ordered this and less than 24 hours it arrived easy to assemble, quite motor great value. I have since ordered 5 more.

I purchased the desk about 6 months ago and like it a lot. I wish I would have purchased the largest table top size as I find the middle length is a bit small with 2 24″ monitors. I did have to re-callibrate the product one time as it would only go down but not up with the electric motor. I emailed support and they quickly responded with instructions and about 3 minutes later I was good to go. Aside from that, the product materials feel sturdy, and the desk shake at full extension isn’t too bad either ( have seen other desks that wobble at full height).

Sturdy, well made desks with clear assembly instructions.

Initially had a concern with the construction of the drive shaft that connects the motor on one leg to the drive system on the other leg, but I was able to fix that. Vendor was prepared to repair the desk and wanted me to be 100% satisfied. Would order from them again.

Every think as expected. Went together easily and works well.

Update2 : It is working perfectly again. Reset procedure was supplied “Press and hold the up and down button simultaneously for 30 seconds until you hear one beep sound. Then immediately release both buttons and press and hold only the down button until you hear three beep sounds. Your Ergo Elements Desk Base should be up and running like new.”

I recently purchased the full desk that uses this frame\base. It does a great job getting up and down smoothly. I can go from sitting to a full stand in a few seconds and it is very easy to program in 4 different “favorites”.I love being able to stand and work while I am taking a conference call or while I am working on projects in Photoshop. I would highly recommend! I am going to buy another to set up my wife in her home office.

Works great and Ergo Elements has excellent customer service. My desk quit going up and needed a master reset of the control box. I e-mailed them and they called and e-mailed me instructions. Great product and great service!

The product was easy to assemble.

Best deal out there by far!! I did a ton a research online and this desk base was by far the best deal. Its such a good deal compared to the others I was a little hesitant at first to purchase this frame. However, I made the purchase and I am so glad I did. The package arrived very quickly. If fact it was earlier than estimated. The directions were very clear and it was extremely quick and easy to put together. My 2 young sons (8 and 11) had fun helping me.

Exactly as advertised; arrived in great condition, assembled easily, works perfectly.

My office originally purchased 4 of these bases for some employees who had pain from sitting all day. They were so popular that we have purchased twelve more for a total of 16. We could not be happier with them. Ergo’s customer service has been exceptional helpful and very responsive. The price is great compared to other brands and we like that fact that we can select a top to match to the existing furniture in our office. Would definitely recommend!

Well designed and easy to put together. The frame is sturdy with smooth action and very good height range, and very solid in the fully extended position. When I first put the frame together, I ran the initial calibration and then tried to raise the desk. One leg went up while the other went down! Clearly someone had assembled an internal gear driving one of the leg screws backwards. After a quick and pleasant call with Ergo, in which they said they had never heard of this problem before, they offered to send another desk frame out asap. After playing around with the system, though, I realized that the gear box on the “broken” leg could be easily removed and rotated 180 degrees. 10 min later the table was working perfectly, so no need for the replacement after all. I suppose I should dock a star for this QC issue, but stuff happens, their customer service was excellent, and in the end the product itself is great.

This is a high quality and heavy duty adjustable desk base. I was surprised to find it so sturdy actually. I found that similar products are made of aluminum to reduce weight, but unfortunately that also reduce sturdiness. This desk base is made out of steel so it feels very sturdy, even fully risen. But be aware that it is very heavy so it would probably require two people to assemble and lift (I did it myself, but it was not easy).

Great product!

I was shocked as to how easy it was to put together. It works perfectly.

An excellent desk and the best value I have found. The motor is fast and quiet, I find the desk very stable even when fully raised. I have been using my standing desk at work for the past 6 months and I still love it. This one is for home. Once you’ve used a standing desk, there’s no going back.

Desk quality is excellent

It’s working great for my husband! We went to Home Depot to buy a piece of ply wood so we could make a desk as big as he wanted (38″-80″). It takes a few clicks before it responds to going up or down, but it’s super cool when it does!! Of course, he also enjoys being able to stand or sit while he works since being at a computer is how he makes a living.


Great product. I followed my coworkers lead and installed these legs on what was previously a section of an L shaped desk. The Ergo was easy to assemble. After removing the leg and brackets from my old desk, it was easy to slide the desk top to these legs measure and mount. Great product all around and significantly cheaper than what my company was going to be charged to convert my desk.

This is an affordable solution to sit/stand desk. Easy to put together. Sturdy. I did have an issue with the motor making a weird noise. I was going to just return it but contacted customer support and Ergo Elements. They are awesome. They did everything needed to remedy the issue. More than anything else because of their customer support and commitment to your satisfaction after buying I would say if this product meets your requirements you can buy with confidence.

The Ergo Elements does exactly what it says it does and at the best price I have found.

A good value, works smoothly, quietly, my employees love it!

Works as advertised (so far) and came in time. I’m glad I got it

Works perfectly and very easy to install. Great option to convert an existing desk. Seems well made and high quality.

I looked long and wide for an adjustable height desk and you know there are a lot of them. I ended up settling for this Ergo one because the price was very reasonable and almost lower than all else. Much to my surprise the quality surpassed my expectation by far. It is amazingly well built. In fact as I was putting the unit together I thought they may have overdone on the quality. It was very easy to put together and the direction(almost don’t need it) was well written.

Very sturdy and well made. Even the finishing is nice. I was nervous about giving this budget option a try, but it is definitely as good as any other base I’ve tried. Well done Ergo!

Short story: as most of the other 5-star reviews state, this is a sturdy, well-built desk and a great option to save money if you don’t care about a fancy hardwood or metal top. You can throw on a piece of plywood or whatever else you want to use.

Delivery was faster than expected. Packaging was phenomenal. Assembly was fairly simple with the supplied allan wrenches. Operation is smooth. If you are looking for a power standing desk and want to build your own custom desktop then this is the one for you. Adjusts easily to accommodate longer or shorter length desk tops.

We’ve had the desk about 2 months. The standing desk frame is sturdy and well made. Love the motorized feature. Has a wide range of heights.

I removed the four legs from my desktop and replaced them with this frame, and it is amazing! I find myself standing more often than I sit now and my back is much better for it.

Great product!


Easy to setup, good customer service.

This was a product that I was looking for – a way to setup a standing desk, with a custom top. Had a space to [lace a desk, but it was an unusually width and this item was what was needed.

Love it. Just love it.

This desk base is amazing!! The action on it is smooth and quiet. It is very sturdy. I hired a woodworker to make a custom-sized desktop for me and I love the overall package! The base is expandable width-wise so if you move, it will still work. The installation instructions were clear but I had help. I couldn’t be happier

Beyond expectations, quality workmanship, ease of assembly, fast shipping, thorough customer service

Excellent! As advertised. Easy to assemble. Works great!

Love this desk stand. I bought a closet door cheap from home depot and covered it with fake alligator skin from Joann’s fabric. IT LOOKS AWESOME. Now I have a sitting or standing alligator skin desk. This stand was easy to put together and it’s made of thick solid steel. We’ll see how long the motor lasts, but the legs will probably outlive me LoL

After spending a great deal of time studying adjustable desks of this type I chose this one and the time I spent was well worth it. My desk arrived quickly, thoughtfully packed and my better half assembled it very quickly for me that evening. Since I haven’t as yet decided what size surface I’d like my husband designed a pretty cool, steampunky top out of some leftover teak and the back of a very large projection T.V. This type of desk is a huge relief for me. I’m disabled from two old failed C fusions along with 6 discs that bulged along the years, RA and a few other letters. Sitting at a desk is impossible so standing at our snack counter or piling things on the end table next to the lazy boy was inevitable. Now I feel pretty slick with my papers spread out and in our office rather than piled everywhere and at the push of a button my desk quietly and efficiently raises or lowers. Ergo called within the week after my delivery to see if all went well and I was pleased to let them know how pleased I was and further that my husband, a technician who works on industrial machinery was impressed with the build and ease of assembly. We were both tickled with the special price and a follow up phone call! Wow 🙂 Great job Ergo!