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GR48 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack White (in stock on 4/30)

From: $174.99

  • Installation TypeCeiling
  • Size4’X8′
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Weight Capacity600 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4PCS Flat Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH1/GRH1B

  • SizeFlat Hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

4pcs Rail Hooks For Overhead Racks and Wall Shelving GRH2/GRH2B

  • Sizerail hook
  • Weight Capacity50 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

2pcs Utility Hooks For Overhead Garage Storage Racks GRH3/GRH3B

  • SizeUtility Hook
  • Weight Capacity35 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

Why Overhead Garage Racks

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Instead, there is lots of stuff taking up the garage area that was meant for your vehicles. The Fleximount overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to tuck away something you don’t need to use regularly, thus leaving more space to park your cars.

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Our durable and heavy-duty overhead storage system provides a safe place to organize your stuff.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The integrated wire grid design and frame are welded together, making the unit more sturdy and stable.


Suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling.

Wall studs
Concrete wall


Provides safety loading up to 600 lbs.


Provides safety loading up to 600 lbs.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

Install Yours in Just a Few Steps

Packaged Solutions

We offer you more installation solutions to perfectly fit your space.

Supporting Materials

Installation Video

Package Includes:
1 x Garage Rack
Hardware kit
Accessory hooks and items pictured on the racks are not included


139 reviews for GR48 4′ x 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack White (in stock on 4/30)

I had a really small garage, so i have to use every inch of it carefully. Overhead space is something i never through before until i get this rack. The item was packed nicely and much lighter than i expect, and Instruction is clear. Takes me about 2hrs to put it on. It wasn’t that complicate. Love the rack i could some stuffs on the ceiling and have more floor space.

This rack is just what was needed in my garage to solve my storage problem. Easy to put together and sturdy construction

To be straightforward, the placement of our garage joist did not help at all and this project a pain the rear end but once it’s all put together it is sturdy and looks great.

Perfect addition to any garage!

I normally don’t write reviews for things but this was something I felt obligated because of how awesome this thing is. Got this on a cyber Monday deal for $115 which is a steal for this…I would say anything under $200 and it’s worth it. I’m going to go through a few points to make your life easier with this product.
1. Study the dimensions of this thing and make sure your particular installation can accommodate it. It is 8 x 4 and it must be installed perpendicular to the floor joists that way the load across 6 joists. I would not recommend installing this parallel to joists as then you are relying on only 3 joists for support.
2. Make sure you have 2 people for installing. Is it possible with 1, sure but it will save you SO much to have some help. My Dad came over and helped me out.
3. It accommodates heights between 22-40 inches. I had to cut down all 12 pieces to accommodate a 20 inch height. It is possible it’s just a chore but this is not a knock on the product.
4. If you do the 3 steps above you will have a successful installing and be extremely happy with the install as I am. It is VERY sturdy and adds storage space where it’s just empty space. Takes planning but this is just the nature of the product and not a knock or it at all. Comes with giant lag bolts, they give you a tool for this but I recommend at the minimum a ratchet. Some have said that the instructions could be better but honestly it’s pretty straight forward but it’s tough to install and will take you some time to install it properly.

This storage has been something we have needed for so long. Like most people we’ve been short on storage space, especially for items we rarely need access to, like holiday decorations, birthday supplies, etc. Our main concern has been hanging storage over our classic car which is valuable and the risk of the storage racks falling.

The Fleximounts 4 by 8 foot storage has had awesome reviews and unlike other overhead storage out there I am confident in hanging storage over our car with this unit. We installed ours in two sections and into wood joists, but concrete ceiling is an option as well. The pieces come well packaged and the box contains all necessary screws, bolts, nuts, and thorough directions. There Youtube video is very helpful as well. This company includes 6 posts to attach to the ceiling where as most others on the market provide 4 which could cause sagging when storing heavier items.

With the overhead storage I have gained over 100 cubic feet of storage that can hold over 600 pounds. The whole unit appears to be powder coated and the steel looks to be 3/8 gauge. The welded wire racks make the contents being put onto the shelves more secure and the hooks Fleximounts provides is great for bikes or other items which need to be hung. The M8 bolts are also a differentiation and one reason the storage unit can hold so much weight, as said earlier over 600 pounds.

My wife is so happy now that they garage mess is cleaned up and things are tidier and put away in the air and we can park in the garage again. Happy wife, happy life!

Amazing product. You do not have to be EXACT on the measurements, an inch or 2 off on the ceiling mounts, it works perfectly fine.

Really liked this product! Easy install. I actually installed it myself. Great storage capacity too!!

First and foremost *Do not copy what I did, please follow manufacture directions** with that said… these racks could be better. Could improve on weight capacity longer L brackets or other sizes and thicker material, a wall mount option. do to how my beams are spaced they did not reach across so I had to butt up against my wall and rearrange the front brackets. As of now it’s holding up with load but we’ll see. This is a two person Job can you do it alone yes will you struggle yes will it take you time yes. Over I say honestly would give 3-4 stars.

Assembles with little direction in manageable sections, will be purchasing a second.

I am quite satisfied with this product. Very sturdy and durable! Not exactly easy to install and certainly required 2 people to get it up, but overall well worth the money!

My garage was packed with all kinds of stuff, most of them I will still need but really no space to put them. This rack is a life saver to me. It’s super sturdy, compare with the one selling in Costco this one has one additional bar for more support. And it’s 50bucks cheaper!
Only thing is you probably need two people to put it together. It did take me some time to get it done. I’ll definitely recommend it! Worth the money.

Good design, goes together easily, good paint finish, sturdy components and hardware, and it should last for years. I purchased the 8′ first to see if I like it, then I bought 2 six footers to form an “L” and they fit perfect in the amount of space I had to work with.

I’m so excited to have this. We moved into a condo 1/3 the size of our old house and needed the extra storage space. It’s easy to store anything and a lot easier for us old folks to retrieve our items. We going to order a second one. Thank you!!!

I need to store some stuff away in my garage and needed something that can support the weight. This is a great storage shelf. It’s very heavy duty. Heavy duty cold-rolled steel construction provides safely loading up to 600lbs. They’re easy to installed too. The instruction was pretty easy to follow and I got it done in about 30-40 mins. They’re very stable and sturdy compared to others with separate frame and wire. The Dimensions: 96 in. L x 48 in. W x 22-40 in. H. Overall I am very happy with this garage adjustable ceiling storage rack, it’s very good quality and it’s affordable and I recommend it.

This transformed my garage. I should’ve done this 5 years ago.

Works great and easy to install, I’ll be purchasing another in the spring.

Awesome worked out perfect in garage. Just moved and if it wasn’t for ceiling shelves my garage would be clutered.

Great product

After installing the overhead storage rack, the space it creates in the garage is incredible. Amazon installation services delivered professional quality service that is highly recommended.

I’m so glad we invested in these mounts. Measure twice and get a helper. They are heavy duty. Most it it can be done by one person, but lifting the grates and holding them in place will require a helper

I love the storage I have overhead now via having to climb into my attic.

Great storage and looking good as it does it. I enjoyed it so much I bought another one. I recommend this high quality product to anyone who needs or wants to extra storage. I do recommend have a minimum of two people building because it cuts the time in half. Also if you have a socket ret or your own wrench set to use instead of using there little wrenches. They are thin and sometimes hard to use because they slip off easily.

I really liked the quality of the material used for the rack. The screws provided to mount the ceiling mounts were really good quality. Overall I’m really satisfied with the quality of the product. Installation was very simple and can be done by one person. Having another person help will make mounting the rack easier though. The only part that I found time consuming was measuring, finding joists and marking attachment points in the ceiling and that’s because I didn’t have the right tools. But, that’s not a fault of the product :). I’d surely but their products again and the after sales service was fantastic when I had to order a few replacement parts.

Good quality – very easy to assemble. Holds a lot of stuff


I’ve used multiple brands of these ceiling storage racks and this is by far the highest quality. I have no concerns about stability or any possible future issues. These will be my goto racks from now on.

I love this thing. It stores SO much stuff. Totally adjustable height, and bigger than it looks. Very useful

Very sturdy and work very well. The installation package that bought with this was excellent. The installation people were very knowledgeable and did a great job.

Great shelves. Sturdy and not too hard to install. Added a lot of extra storage to our 8ft tall garage and I can still park my truck under them.

Received as ordered. Strong enough for my type of house hold stuffs. Do not attempt to install it if you’re not technical enough. It free up some space on my garage floor.

These are really nice heavy duty racks.

Very nice for garage storage, assembly and installation was time consuming, but I paid a handy man to install it, took him the whole day, but very nice improvement for overhead and general storage,

Great quality Amazing Price it’s just the worst to install but hired someone and fits a ton of stuff

I bought 6 of the 4×8 racks and am very satisfied so far. Quality is really good, a few of the bolts were a pain to thread in as either the hole or the bolt threads were just a bit off. Other than that I can’t really complain. They are sturdy once everything is snugged down tight and look really good as well. As for assembly time, it took me the better part of a day and half, but I also had 6 of them to do. One word of caution when assembling the actual rack sections together, do not completely tighten any of the bolts until you have the brace bolts started or you will wind up loosening most of it to get them in.

Built pretty sturdy.

Good quality product delivered on time very highly recommended

Holds so much! My garage is much less cluttered

Flexible, easy to install if you have the studs lined up.