GR46 4′ x 6′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack White


  • Installation TypeCeiling
  • Size4’X6′
  • Height Adjustment22-40 inches
  • Weight Capacity450 lbs
  • MaterialCold-Roll Steel

Why Overhead Garage Racks

Garages aren’t just for cars anymore. Instead, there is lots of stuff taking up the garage area that was meant for your vehicles. The Fleximount overhead storage rack is an ideal choice to tuck away something you don’t need to use regularly, thus leaving more space to park your cars.

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Our durable and heavy-duty overhead storage system provides a safe place to organize your stuff.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


Integrated grid design for easier assembly. All necessary hardware and instructions are included. An installation template is also included to help you devise a plan to store your stuff in the most efficient manner possible.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The height can be adjusted from 22” – 40”, providing a convenient and safe place to store your stuff.


The integrated wire grid design and frame are welded together, making the unit more sturdy and stable.


Suitable for securing to either ceiling studs or a solid concrete ceiling.

Wall studs
Concrete wall


Provides safety loading up to 550 lbs.


Provides safety loading up to 550 lbs.

High Quality Screws Provided

Thicker Screws

Fleximounts provides

Thinner Screws

From comparable products

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Packaged Solutions

We offer you more installation solutions to perfectly fit your space.


42 reviews for GR46 4′ x 6′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack White

This is extremely well build and will do the job quite well. Adjustable height is very handy. I had no issues with the hardware. It seems very solid. If other reviewers say they had a problem, the problem must be super rare. I have other friends who have installed a few of these, no problems at all.
Advice: I bought the 4×6 version. Do yourself a favor and pick up a 6 foot piece of 1×1 wood and use it as a guide to draw the placement lines, that trivialized the install for me.

I’m already planning on buying another FlexiMount for my garage. Great product.

This is a great product for multiple reasons. 1. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. 2. The product is light enough that I could install it without any assistance. Easy to adjust. 3. Once you tighten the bolts, it is very sturdy and will hold a good amount of weight. Lastly, the cost is a reasonable amount.

I love the additional weight this rack supports over my DIY wood version. They look professional and have greatly increased the storage space available in my single car garage. The adjustable length braces allow you to adjust to your available height. In my case, exactly the length for the heavy duty storage boxes from Home Depot. See my photos to understand how much space I gained.

The rack works very well for storing camping gear and other items. The rack isn’t even extended all the way and we have plenty of room to store more items. The rack is designed to be installed along 18″ rafters but my house actually has 24″ rafters so we had to install the one side of the rack braces perpendicular. Not a big deal once we thought through our measurements. Plan on 2-4 hours installation time. I’m glad I chose the 72″ length so we have plenty of room.

*Solid unit. Definitely made of solid materials.
*Fairly easy to install. You’ll want to make sure you install into the beams themselves to ensure holding any significant weight.
*Sturdy – we have all of our outside yard games, chairs, and coolers in the top. Then we hung 4 bikes from the underside.

This is such a perfect piece for the space we had. It’s not just for garage areas. It was easy to install and very sturdy. I would definitely buy these products again.

I like this rack for my use (Light Totes) The rack is great for putting light to medium weight items

The quality of the this rack is excellent. The parts are of very high quality. I am confident that it will hold the weight advertised.

Great rack for the garage. Install was pretty simple.

Can’t say “easy to install” just because of the type of product. Since my ceiling cross beams didn’t line up, I needed to add an extra piece of angle iron for a solid support so this was a bit of a project. That being said, the product itself is great. Easy to assemble and very strong. I put about 400 lbs. up on it and it could likely hold twice that.

This was surprisingly easy to install and very sturdy. We ordered the 4×6 size and it holds so much stuff. It’s definitely a game changer, as it gets a lot off the floor and gave us our garage back. Plus, the height is adjustable and directions are easy to follow. Highly recommend!

This product is amazing from the instructions to the actual product!!! After opening the sturdy box, everything was laid out with easy to read instructions. The installation of the brackets was super easy! And adding the rack was even easier! It fit easily into the brackets and then secured by a nut/bolt. They offer several options as far as shelving/ceiling racks, comes in several color/sizes, offer a great warranty and the ceiling rack can hold up to 450 pounds!!! We’ll definitely be ordering another one of these!!

Love the adjustable height option! The metal is strong, sturdy and very high quality. The size of these racks are perfect for storing excess coolers and suitcases that were taking up space in our garage. We will most likely get another rack because we are so impressed with these!

This fleximount rack took us no time to hang in our basement storage room. We loved how easy the system went to together and the amount of “stuff” this rack can hold!
All the screw holes lined up perfectly when putting together too… that’s always a sign of good quality! Definitely would recommend this storage rack!!!

Very easy to put together and install. I was impressed with the construction of it and the way it mounted very easily to the ceiling of my garage. Hardest part for me was finder the ceiling joists because they run in different directions in part of my garage. The install kit even came with both wood bolts and hardware for cement.

These are quite sturdy and I was able to install them perpendicular to the ceiling joists in the garage without any issue. The only downside, is that the instructions fail to show this method of installing the units and should be amended to show an “alternate” install method.

They’re strong and provide a ton of extra storage.

Fairly easy to install once you figure out where studs are located. I would recommended using a bit for installing vs an Allen wrench. Overall I have a lot of heavy bins on it and it is not sagging. Great way to add storage in your garage

These racks are great and fairly easy to install. I will admit, the first time I put one up, it was a little confusing at first. It took me about 2 hours. The second one I put up was a few weeks later and it only took like 30 minutes. These have really helped us add more storage to the house. FlexiSpot is a good retailer as well. One shelf on my second purchase was bent up during shipping, looks like someone dropped it one one corner, FlexiSpot sent me a new shelf with no hassle.

Awesome heavy duty ceiling hung storage racks for my garage! I finally am able to separate all my camping gear, emergency hurricane supplies and holiday decorations by having two of these racks installed. Super strong and they hold an enormous amount of weight. I have plenty of stuff hanging beneath these including all my Christmas wreaths in nice holiday bags, all the extension cords and power strips, and camping chairs. Excellent pricing!

This is a very sturdy product. I was quite impressed with the heavy gauge metal.

This is a very efficient way to store stuff in a one car garage.

Good design, goes together easily, good paint finish, sturdy components and hardware, and it should last for years. I purchased the 8′ first to see if I like it, then I bought 2 six footers to form an “L” and they fit perfect in the amount of space I had to work with.

These shelves keep a lot of stuff up and off the floor. I can 2 bikes from them with their hooks. I have to admit it was tough hanging them but my favorite guy friend that can do everything figured out how to put them together and he is good and trouble shooting problems. So it was easy for me. They sagged in the middle so he found a way to reinforce them. I don’t think my stuff was particularly heavy, but it wasn’t light either.

This overhead storage rack is incredible! We were able to get 6 large storage bins off the floor! Floor space in the garage is precious and this product has been a game changer for us! I’m considering purchasing another one as well! Highly recommend!

Store all your stuff in see-through plastic containers, otherwise you will never find things up there. Plastic containers, however, are very slippery on the rack. All in all it’s a good idea and if you need storage space in your garage, that’s not on the floor, up above a good place for it.

Used these in our basement mechanical room. As a teacher taking a break from the classroom, I have hundreds of books to store. These racks were able to hold a few hundred pound of books plus holiday decorations! Beware this specific produce does not come with a bottom. You will need to purchase plywood

Very satisfied, and it works well

We are so excited to add extra storage space to our garage. After recently downsizing we were at a loss how to store more – this is definitely the answer. Well made. Quality materials. A true bonus storage space for any garage. I think I may order another.


My husband quickly installed this in our garage and it has helped with storage without taking up any footprint in the garage. He says we should have gotten more.

Install took longer than expected. I wish the brackets for the ceiling were three inches longer. Other than that the work very well. Highly Recommended

This rack is a great buy for the money! Spacious and sturdy. We have limited space in our garage and this rack was perfect. Had a little hiccup on installing but that was user error in the measuring of space but all in all great product!

Great product and I’m very happy with the sturdiness of the rack. They provide the bolts for hanging everything up. I watched a YouTube video for installation to make it go by faster. I was able to install and put everything together by myself in about 2 1/2 hours (with a lot of interruptions from kids).

Great product! I’m very happy with my purchase! I definitely recommend it. Thank you

After moving this year, I needed some extra space in the garage and these seemed perfect.

Love the storage space. Quality product which takes two people to install. Completed perfectly in two hours time.

We can finally walk and open our car doors with ease. Will definitely be buying another!!

Great for overhead storage and easy to install.

Sturdy quality product. My beams were hard to locate in garage making it a several hour ordeal. They are up and hold a bunch of stuff.

Great product and the perfect way to create extra space in your garage.

Had little space in my new garage so this was helpful to organize and store many items. Other new neighbors liked it too and bought this as well.