Your Garage: More Than Just Parking Space

When it comes to your own garage you’ll be surprised with how much you can do with it. At the top of your head, you’re probably thinking that your garage is for your car, but it is so much more than that. Based on statistics, while the majority of Americans use their garage to park their cars, surprisingly 90% of garage owners also consider garage storage as an important aspect of their space. There’s so much more to your garage than meets the eye!

According to a survey, only 11% of garage owners are happy with their garage. The biggest factor for their dissatisfaction being that these garage owners often wish to transform their garage. You can change your garage into an efficient garage storage space or a multi-functional gym or office, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we’ll be talking about what you can do to transform your home into an efficient garage storage space and whatever else you’ll need it to be.

Why Storage Matters

Depending on the size of your garage, considering it as an efficient storage space can be quite a challenge. If you have a smaller garage you might even think that having it as viable storage space is impossible. Despite this, however, a realtor survey shows that 80% of homeowners buy homes with garages that have the intention to convert it into an extension of their storage space. And while it may be intimidating, it isn’t that hard! With the right tools and organizing materials, you can transform your garage into an extension of your home storage with ease. Store your outdoor gear, tools, and whatever else you need with proper garage shelves and overhead garage racks you can transform any garage no matter the size or layout you have. Garage storage matters because you allow yourself to maximize the space that you have. Maximizing and organizing your garage is all about knowing what you need and arranging things by its usability. By dedicating space for your things in an efficient and productive way, you ensure that your things are taken care of and in the long run you even save money. Organizing your garage storage also means having more space not just for your car but other hobbies and activities you might enjoy.


Multi-Purpose & Multifunctional Garages

Organizing your garage storage is just one important aspect of transforming your garage. There’s so much you can do with your space! Did you know that companies like Apple, Amazon, Disney, Google, and Harley-Davidson all started their operations in their garage?

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With these companies being the landmarks of some big changes, you can apply that to your garage too! You just have to start somewhere! First and foremost you have to decide what you want your garage space to be! While the steps on transforming your garage may differ depending on what you want it to be here are 3 simple steps to follow to ensure that you transform your garage with ease:

  1. Clear out the area you intend to transform
    By doing this you allow yourself enough to see the empty space and the many different possibilities it may hold. It’s only by clearing it out that you give it the opportunity to truly be something more
  2. Be mindful of how you keep things organized. By placing the organization as your top priority, you allow yourself the opportunity to make it more multifunctional to your needs. A great way to ensure this is by installing all sorts of mounting solutions to your garage.
  3. Upcycle some of your old materials to work for your space

Reusing your old materials to make them more efficient for your space doesn’t just allow you to save the environment a little better, it also allows you to save money too. Recycling or upcycling also allows you to save more space and helps you know what items you can simply get rid of instead.


Whatever you choose to transform your garage to, always remember that it’s more than just a parking space. It’s a space for you to customize and maximize whatever works for you. For more tips and lifestyle hacks check out our FlexiMounts Blog!

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