Why the Garage is a Prime Storage Unit and What You Need in Your Garage Featuring FlexiMount Products

If you are choosing between your attic, basement or garage as storage area for your home, stick with your garage. Aside from being easily accessible, the air that circulates inside your garage guarantees that there would be no mold infestation. But aside from those, what does your garage offer other than the things mentioned above? In this article, we will show you the reasons why the garage is a prime storage unit and what are the important things that you need inside.

  • When you are using your garage for space, you save regular repairs and maintenance fees. Instead, you’ll spend only the costs essential to ensure and clean your garage.
  • By getting top-notch security cameras, you can keep your belongings inside the garage. 
  • Storing your belongings inside a garage grants you more convenience and accessibility for the things that you frequently use. You do not need to drive far if you have a storage unit or go down a scary basement and a high, unsafe attic.
  • You can assure that your garage’s environment would be optimal for your stuff since you have familiarized yourself with the pros and cons of it.

Here are some of FlexiMounts’ products along with customer reviews!


The GR48Nc 4′ X 8′ Overhead Garage Storage Rack Hammertone by FlexiMounts is a great storage addition for your garage. The Fleximount ceiling storage rack is an excellent method of storing belongings you don’t use on a daily basis, freeing up room for parking your vehicles. With its grid-integrated design, it facilitates easy-peasy installation. The package also includes all appropriate equipment and manuals.

Customer Reviews

“Wasn’t hard to install, I was able to do it myself in about 2 hours with ease. Seems pretty sturdy, we used it for our Christmas decorations. Have bought other cheaper products in the past which were just that, cheap. I will end up installing another one of these in my garage soon. – M Brown

I am cleaning up my garage and wanted to store some items above. This rack is a beast. Easy to install and I did it by myself. Very strong, I was hanging on it after I loaded it up with stuff and it didn’t even move.” – R.J. Miller

“This is a very good quality product. I installed this myself above a garage door and I will say that although you can do it yourself, it would be easier and faster with an additional person. I had to use my head (literally) to help hold it into position.

It comes with an Allen wrench and socket, but uses a power drill or impact driver- it’ll be a lot faster.

The instructions are ok, I could have read them a little more carefully. To properly install this, you have to skip a joist between the middle and the end ceiling brackets. That way you can install the corner vertical brackets in between two joists. I didn’t do this (my own fault) but I did install each bracket to two joists and I was still able to get it to fit, but it’s technically not installed properly. For the sake of time, I didn’t change it since I’m not storing really heavy items up there and felt it was strong enough.

I also screwed up on my measurements. I measured from the garage door track to the ceiling and it was about 25 inches so I thought it’d be fine (the min-height is 22 inches). Unfortunately, I didn’t realize the garage door stuck up another 3. 5 inches, so I ended up having to cut each of the brackets shorter. So if you’re putting above a Garage door, measure with the door open to make sure you have clearance- you could still use this, you’ll just need to cut it down to size.

I just bought one first to ensure it fit and I like it – I will be buying another one for the other side. Very Pleased.” – A.C.


From, paint, shape, and size, you have the power to personalize the WB107 Customizable Workbench Shelving Frame. It can be configured to your exact specifications by up to 8 feet long and 4 feet wide.  You would also have no problem with storage since you can store double the capacity of conventional workbenches Aside from double capacity storage, the workbench legs are made of iron which is extremely durable along with the high-quality stainless steel screws that are included with every purchase.

Customer Reviews

“Love how sturdy these legs are! Like others, I drew up a sheet of plywood to get the most table I could out of a full sheet of 3/4″. I was able to get a 4’x2′ table with 3 shelves and couldn’t be happier with it! I tend to overthink many of my builds, thinking about joinery, aesthetics, sturdiness and this kit takes all the thinking out of it! Awesome kit, if you need a work bench, this is a great option! – Dr. Garage

“This is such an easy way to build out a workbench for the shop. I️ love the sturdiness of the material and felt like it was such a great value for my money. I’ll be adding a second unit in the next few weeks. I️ was able to modify the legs to add material for caster wheels and now I’m completely mobile.” – R. Cook

“This is a perfect idea for being in between current benches. It is a far upgrade from using an old desk and a gateway to my handmade woodworking bench. It gives me a lot more storage area under the worktop and with the two shelves above the worktop I can put my battery chargers and cordless tools.

The strength of the steel used seems to be of really good quality and it all went together just as described in the instructions. I was worried the legs would have difficulty staying square and plumb but it was not a problem. The bench does not rock or wobble even if my garage floor is not perfectly flat and level. I give the kit 5 stars because of build quality and ease of adaptability. Packaging also was very good and nothing was scratched” – Kel B.


FLEXIMOUNTS 3-Tier Storage Wall Shelves are constructed from thick gauge cold rolled steel. It is capable of effectively holding up to 100 pounds per shelf. The patent structure of these FLEXIMOUNTS wall shelves creates additional storage in the garage, small store room, or kitchen. 

Customer Reviews

“I only write reviews for extremes and this product is extremely good. All parts are sturdy and high quality. The installation instructions are very clear and the parts are top notch.” – Fred

“Easy to follow directions and easy to install. Once placed on wall, very sturdy and met expectations” – Kerry

Sum Up

See? Your garage is a storage kingdom with all the right tools and equipment necessary. And with FlexiMounts, you are sure to have the best ones out of the competition.

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