Wall-mounted vs. Free-standing shelves: What is the right garage storage for you?

Adding a shelf or two in your garage is a great way to solve your storage woes. They can help you to stay organized so you can keep your garage a happy and neat place.

Now your concern is this: Would you opt for a wall-mounted or a free-standing shelf for your garage? What are the pros and cons of each garage shelf? Well, look no further for guidance because this article will help you to weigh your options.

People are asking

Just so you know, you’re not the only one who’s thinking hard about what garage shelf to buy. In Quora, there is a thread where individuals give their two cents about these two products.

Some prefer to have a free-standing shelf because it’s safer. Others like a wall-mounted shelf to save space. Online reviews and experiences will help you make smarter decisions but at the end of the day, you still have to consider some unique factors before buying anything.

The functions

Let’s be clear about the functions of the wall-mounted and the free-standing shelf.

The wall-mounted shelf is a kind of storage that you install on your wall or, in some cases, in the ceiling. Some wall-mounted shelves can be adjusted to different heights. The caveat: The wall-mounted shelf has to be installed properly. Otherwise, it can turn into a hazardous item in your garage.

A wall-mounted shelf comes in different materials — from wood to steel. Its sizes can vary, too. Whatever you choose, you have to consider its lifting capacity to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, the free-standing shelf is simply placed on the floor. It usually has three to six shelves and is usually rectangular. There is limited or no installation needed for this kind of product — depending on where you bought it. If it was shipped, there’s a big chance that it comes disassembled.

A free-standing shelf can be built from various materials — from wood to metal to steel.


Questions to ask before buying

Now here are some of the things that you need to consider before buying anything:

  1. Are you allowed to drill on the wall?
  • If you are renting, you might need to clear this out with your lessor. Some lessors do not allow any wall drilling to avoid damaging the walls. In this scenario, the best option is to buy a free-standing garage shelf.
  • But if wall drilling is not a problem, go ahead and mount your garage shelf on the wall! It’s a great way to save space and customize your storage system.

       2. How big or wide is your garage space?

  • Space will always make a difference. If you want to have more area to walk on or make room for an organized workbench, you might need to get your storage off the ground and onto the walls. A free-standing shelf takes up precious floor space.

       3.  What are the items that you will store?

  • Are you stowing away heavy seasonal items? Or do you want to organize your workbench tools? Do an inventory of the items that you need to organize first. If you want to hide large items, you have to be careful in selecting the material of your garage shelf. If you feel like a wall-mounted shelf is not sturdy enough to hold your things, get a free-standing shelf instead.
  • In terms of organization, seasonal items are usually placed on top of the garage shelves. Everyday items are placed on eye-level shelves.

       4. What is your budget?

  • It is relatively cheaper than the wall-mounted shelf. In Amazon, you can get a free-standing shelf for as low as $30.
  • A sturdy wall-mounted shelf can be a little bit pricier. If you want a wall-mounted shelf like this, be ready to shell out some big bucks. This kind of shelving may be expensive but you can ensure that it is made of high-quality materials that can last for years.

What’s your decision?

Choosing what garage shelf to buy boils down to your preferences and needs. Before buying anything, make sure that you have planned everything so that you can make the most of your storage system.

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