Top Garage Bar Ideas to Check Out Right Now

A garage bar, for one, is a perfect idea for a garage conversion. Since most people are unable to go out and entertain themselves, converting your garage space into a bar might be just the missing piece in your home.

A garage is one of the most frequented places in the house, and more and more homeowners are looking for ways how to maximize the space.

Having a personal speakeasy is every cocktail aficionado’s dream. While there may be confusing tips out there on how to transform your garage, we have researched to make it easier for you. In this article, we’ll share with you some top garage bar ideas to check out for your future garage conversion.

Car-themed Bar

If you’re a gear head and a car enthusiast and want to put a break on your tiring day, then an auto-theme would be a perfect garage bar idea then. You can create a buzzing atmosphere by putting up a neon wall art, a display made from an old car bumper, or if you an old Ford truck, try repurposing it into a beautiful office desk (see design here.) For accents, you can try to recycle your Heineken, wine, or coke bottles to create a chandelier. There are a lot of DIY ideas on creating the perfect chandelier without breaking the bank. It would also be perfect if you add some car steering wheels on the wall as centerpieces.

Rustic Whisky Pub

Inspired with your last trip in London? Or a nearby city that serves the best whisky collections? Why not recreate your own garage bar into a rustic whisky pub? Create a focal point in your garage as is creates visual appeal in the space. You can have a stone wall in the backdrop to the bar to give out that rustic feel.

If you already have your luxury spirits and a range of rare whiskies, then all you need right now is a quality and trusted mounted shelves to put those stocks in place and out of reach of children. Plus! Make your own version of your opulent attic bar complete with leather sofas.


Man-cave may be the next big thing in the garage conversion but putting up a café-style bar, would also be a nice touch to your home. A café style home bar is versatile in a way that it can be a perfect place for unwinding, breakfast area for the kids, and even a work-from-home area for mommies, but of course, backed up with soothing background music to complete the café-style feels.

Bring out those tables and comfy chairs, drip coffeemakers, coffee presses, coffee beans, and a high-quality espresso machine to complete the whole café-style bar.

Sleek and Minimalist-Looking Bar

There has been an increased preference for products, spaces, and designs that incorporate or exude minimalist principles, and that includes bar designs as well! However, if you’re looking forward to creating a visually appealing bar, yet not losing the creative touch, then look for a monochromatic color scheme accent. You can even opt for an eye-catching dark blue or cherry red cabinet if you have white walls in your garage. This bold and striking cabinet can brighten up space and make your space more inviting than ever. As for the floor, you can go for dark wood or gray floor, then a nickel stools/chair would be a great choice as well.

Things to Consider Before Recreating Your Garage Bar

Start off with a blank canvas. After getting your garage bar ideas and inspo on Pinterest and asking some feedback from your friends, now you have to prepare your blank canvas, which means mopping the floor, washing the walls, gettign rid of any cobwebs in the corners or maybe having them newly painted for a different feel.  Get rid of anything you don’t need, put unnecessary things up for sale, of perhaps, put them in a proper overhead storage you can get at FLEXIMOUNTS.  

Make use of wood materials. Experts suggest to use wood as much as possible for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Maintain cool air levels. For this type of garage conversion, temperature control is necessary. Cool air levels must be maintained at all times, and much better if you have a separate corner for your wine cellar as this needs more attention and proper storage.

Invest in shelves for bulk storage. To keep your stocks away from children and possible risk of breaking, you need shelves, which are made with wood or steel. If you’re too small to get something, then motorized shelves from FLEXIMOUNTS would really be helpful. This specific unit is called HandyJack, the world’s first motorized wall shelving system designed exclusively for the garage. It frees up garage floor space, so boxes and other storage items are neatly stored out of walking paths.

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