Top 10 Garden Tool Storage You Should Know

If your goal is to have a clutter-free yard work with proper garden tool storage, then you’ve come to the right site at the right time. Congrats!

Since most of us are at home, a lot of us are finding how to keep ourselves busy during these uncertain times. Spending time in your garden or yard can be quite a great idea to keep ourselves sane, but can be a real challenge especially when you have a lot of tools scattered around the area.

To get you ready with organizing your garden and yard, we’ve listed these easy and simple garden tool storage ideas and tips for a free-clutter space. Read along!

  1. Make Use of Cardboard Concrete-Forming Tubes

If you have a limited budget to buy storage for your rakes, long-handled tools, shovel. racquets, baseball bats, and more. All you have to do is place the tubes on a piece of 2×4 to keep them high and dry. Secure each tube to a garage stud with a plumbing strap. It’s inexpensive and a smart way to store your tools.

  1. Tool Bucket

We’ve mostly seen this all the time, be it an empty paint bucket or such. Fortunately, this bucket can serve as storage for garden tools and collecting weeds. You can even bring it anywhere as it also doubles as a stool to sit on while you rest or while cleaning your tools. And because it’s closed with a lid, it will protect the inside from getting wet, thus a longer life cycle for your tools.

  1. Pegboard hooks and storage

If you’re into gardening and you want to organize your seeds in an orderly fashion, then these pegboard hooks and storage is the perfect solution to that. They’re durable yet affordable and they come in a range of sizes. It also poses as an attractive display in your storage and even in the kitchen. You can buy them at hardware stores and online shops.

  1. Planter Boxes

A garden wouldn’t be complete without any hose, right? But sometimes, hoses can be an eyesore, especially if not stored properly. Try creating your own storage box, or better yet, use a plant box to hide it on the plain sight.

Planter boxes are raised off the ground with a slatted cedar bottom and a large soil bed to grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, or flowering vines. Sometimes it has separate storage below, perfect to hide garden tools and hose for this matter.

  1. Large Resealable Plastic Bags

It’s not just racks and shovels you should be organizing in your garden. Lawn products such as fertilizer or weed killer should placed in a resealable plastic bag to lock in their moisture and to prevent kids from playing them when you’re not around.

  1. Old Mailbox

Don’t throw your old mailbox if you have because you can repurpose it and turn into storage for gloves, screwdrivers, scissors, or any small garden tools. Just make sure to put a label on it, so the rest in the house won’t get curious why are there garden tools in your mailbox.

  1. Garden Tool Organizer

There are lots of unique garden tool organizer available online. You can choose organizers with deep pockets for storing those long-handled tools, such as rakes, shovels, brooms, and/or mops, and they’re also smaller pockets for storing those short-handled garden tools such as spades, trowels, scissors, and hand clippers.

  1. Have a Garden Gear Caddy at all times

You don’t have to go back and forth to get your gardening tools when you have a gear caddy in hand. If you don’t have a caddy right now, an old golf bag would suffice – as it has enough space storing and hauling garden tools. It’s convenient how you can put all your garden tools in one place and bring them anywhere that needed some fixing.

  1. Get a Heavy-Duty Rack or Wall Mounted Shelf

To make sure you get the heavy garden tool out of the way, get yourself a reliable and durable rack. At FLEXIMOUNTS, you get to buy a wall-mounted shelf, which is very useful especially when storing heavy equipment from car tires, blocks, water gallons, and the likes. With this garden tool storage solutions, you get to keep more space in your yard and keep your family safe from all the hazards.

  1. Storage Hooks

The plastic hooks won’t do if you’re planning to hand your racks and other gardening tools. For a simple solution, FLEXIMOUNTS is also selling an overhead garage storage rack, accompanied with a hook, perfect for hanging wires, cables, lawn chairs, extension cords, and even bikes!


Organizing your yard and garden may be a lot of work, but can be easier with some extra helping hands and the right garden tool storage to maintain your tools and keep them away from children.

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