Thinking of Renovating Your Garage? Don’t Commit These Mistakes

Here’s the scenario: Your garage needs a makeover but your budget is tight. You feel like you can take up the challenge so you don’t consult a professional anymore.

But here’s the thing: Doing a garage renovation is not a casual task for newbies or weekend carpenters. It can be a grueling ordeal so there should be a certain degree of expertise that should come into play. Otherwise, you might have a botched garage that needs expensive professional repair.

Before doing your garage renovation, here is a list of things that you can avoid to make the makeover project run a little smoother:


  1. Not letting a pro take over — You might regret doing your own renovation project because it could turn out more complicated than you thought. You’re not alone in this dilemma. Statistics showed that some 42 percent of respondents stated the DIY project was too time-consuming. Another 40 percent said that the results turned out pretty bad.

At face value, you might think that hiring a pro is more expensive. But when things get really bad, your spending might double when you hire a pro to undo some mishaps.


  1. Not having a concrete plan —It’s imperative to have a clear and achievable plan for your garage. As they say, “failing to plan is planning to fail”. You have to think about your storage, your doors and openings, and all those small things that allow for smooth movement within the garage.

Let’s not forget that you also need the right tools and equipment to execute your idea. If it’s too much to handle, you can just opt to work with a pro for your garage improvement project.


  1. Not choosing and applying the right floor coating — Scrimping on this one can affect the overall look of your garage. If you want your garage to have a seamless look from top to bottom, you need to purchase a high-grade floor coating.

Sure, paint is cheaper and easier to apply but it won’t last long. If you use store-bought epoxy garage floor coatings, you might have a hard time to make the surface smooth.


  1. Turning your garage into an extension of your living room –– Your garage has its own functions, namely, a place for your cars and to some extent, a storage area. Turning it into another living room or your man cave is not ideal since it can affect your house’s layout.  It might be a dealbreaker in the future if you want to sell your house.

 A recent study by GoCompare, a home insurance company, reveals that bad DIY is a turnoff for homebuyers.

  1. Buying cheap storage — An efficient garage storage system will help you stay organized so it’s best to invest in high-quality racks or shelves. Cheap items might rust or deteriorate right away, which will make you buy and install another set of products. You can purchase a solid rack or shelf from this brand to save yourself from future headaches.


  1. Not installing a flexible storage system — Things might be different for you in the next couple of years. In this case, you should incorporate a storage system that would accommodate your needs in the years to come.

Some overhead storage racks are adjustable, hence, they can give you some storage flexibility. You can also go ahead and create more storage space than what you need presently. This way, storage space will be ready when you need it.


  1. Failing to use other garage spaces for storage — You can install shelves and racks on your ceiling and walls. But if you go this route, be sure to mount everything properly to avoid any accidents or damages. Be sure that the shelves and racks can carry all your items, too.

Not sure what to buy? Read this article to help you decide whether you should buy a wall-mounted shelf or a free-standing shelf.


  1. Not reading the warranty — A well-established brand will stand behind their products.  To note, a company that offers an extended warranty is fully confident of its products’ performance and quality. You should check out a company’s warranty options so you can protect yourself should any problem arise in the future.


  1. Putting aesthetics in the bottom of the priority list — Functionality and aesthetics ought to come hand-in-hand.

If you are going to do a makeover, you might as well put in extra effort for your garage’s overall look. By choosing the right colors to your cabinets, flooring, and storage, your garage can have an instant stellar appearance.

While you’re at it, you might as well change your garage’s lighting, too. It’s amazing how new well-placed LED light fixtures can instantly brighten up your garage.


  1. Unable to ensure garage safety — Some home improvement elements need a little bit more attention. For example, wiring and electrical work and some plumbing might be needed.

Installing garage doors or car lifts also need some expertise. They have to be set in place correctly and up to the task of handling heavy usage. This can be a dangerous task that you can leave to the experts.


Now, who’s going to do the job?


We have provided you with a list of things to consider if you want to do the project yourself or seek professional help. This is not exhaustive; there are a lot more other scenarios that can spring up. Either way, once you put your garage remodeling into motion, be sure to handle the project with utmost care.

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