Pedal To the Metal: The Pandemic Biking Craze

Why Do We Like The Bike?

With the global pandemic gripping the world in uncertainty, more measures are put in place to adjust to the new normal and keep everyone safe in order to tamper the spread of the coronavirus. With this in mind, along with the suspension and limitations of public transport, and the limit of cars on the road, more and more people are shifting gears and switching to bikes! And it isn’t just in the United States, everyone is opting to social distance and switch it up with their own bikes globally as the demand for bikes is increasing worldwide.

With fewer cars on the road and traffic and pollution plummeting in even major cities in the United States, riding a bike is not just safe and practical, it’s also a great way to stay fit and healthy- a definite priority now that we’re experiencing a global health crisis. But just because everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, does that mean you should too? In this article, we’ll be discussing both the pros and cons to switching to bikes as well as providing you some simple and practical solutions to store your bike- should you want to get one because it’s one thing to have a bike but it’s a whole nother issue when it comes to storing it properly.


Should You Switch or Ditch the Bike?

At first glance a big reason why so many people are hesitant to switch to the use of bikes is because it just seems like a temporary trend, that is most likely to disappear once there’s a vaccine and things “go back to normal”. While that may appear to be the case, cities across the world are actually pushing for public funding dedicated to accommodating bike lanes.

Secondly, many pose the question of risk when it comes to riding bikes outdoors, is there more chance of you contracting Coronavirus if you’re outside instead of on your commute? The answer is no, it’s actually far riskier for you to commute as you’ll be surrounded by more people and possibly contaminated surfaces. So as long as you have a mask while biking, it’s actually safer for you to bike than it is to commute. The WHO (World Health Organization) has also encouraged the use of bikes stating: “Whenever feasible, consider riding bicycles or walking: this provides physical distancing while helping to meet the minimum requirement for daily physical activity, which may be more difficult due to increased teleworking, and limited access to sport and other recreational activities.”

If you’re looking to improve your health while lowering your risk, switching to a bike is definitely for you!


How to Store Your Bike

If you’ve gotten this far, chances are you’re considering getting a bike! While that’s a sound choice, the next problem you might be facing is how to deal with storage. Whether you’ve got a small garage or a large one, you can always optimize your space by getting the right tools to create multi-functional overhead garage storage space. With racks like the FlexiMounts GR48-H, you can get a fully equipped rack with hooks to easily hang your bikes! With a weight capacity of up to 600lbs, you can easily store multiple bikes and other materials to make the most of your overhead garage storage. For more tips on the best wall-mounted organizer for your bikes, check out this article on knowing which bike storage option might work best for you!

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