Know the Different Types of Garages

New beginnings are both exciting and daunting. Depending on your perspective, turning over a new leaf presents new possibilities to explore and develop. This can also apply when you are thinking of building a new garage.

Having a garage is handy: It can house and protect your car, serve as storage for household items, and be transformed into a place for parties, home office, garden, and a mudroom. It is a space that can be converted for multiple uses for the whole family.

But before you start building, there are some factors that you need to consider as there are different types of garages. You may need to do a little bit of research but it will go a long way as you get the best results for your garage.

The lowdown

There are various garage sizes for different spaces. They are classified as follows:

  • Single garage — As the name implies, it can only fit one vehicle. However, the driver and passenger can still open the doors and do some maneuvering. If you have a small lot, this is the ideal garage for your car but it can’t double as a storage area. It has a total area of 14 square meters.


  • Double or two-car garage — This kind of garage can hold two vehicles, parked side-by-side. Because there is ample space, it can have two separate doors or a single door. The total area is roughly 28 to 30 square meters. This is great if you have a big car and want to maximize it as a workshop.


  • Three-car garage — This is the biggest type of a garage and can allow room for vehicles plus turn it into a storage and workspace. But then again, if you have a small lot, this garage might be a suitable option. .


  • Double or tandem garage — This garage has slim dimensions and has only one door the cars to get in and out. While this  can accommodate two vehicles, they must be parked in front of the other.


Attached or detached garage?

This is another question that might arise as you go on with your research. Here are the explanations for each:

  • Attached garage — This garage is annexed to the house so you will have  straightforward access to your vehicles and storage. It must be noted that an attached garage can be chilly, which can also affect the temperature of the house. But no worries, some insulation works will solve the problem.


  • Detached garage — As the name suggests, this type of garage is built separately from the main house. This can be a cost-efficient option: You don’t have to add costs for when you touch a certain part of your house. If you like this, you can consider building a breezeway so that you are protected from weather changes on your way to and from the house.


Door types

This is an important fixture that you might want to mull over as it will serve as a barrier for your garage.

  • Roll-up door — If you don’t like to huff and puff when opening your door, this one’s for you as it can be controlled remotely. It has a manual counterpart that you can operate by hand. As for the aesthetics department, this kind of door is fail-safe: It looks like a horizontal panel that you roll up to gain access.


  • Slide-to-the-side door — This is quite uncommon now but this kind of door slides to the side and runs parallel to the wall.


  • Side-hinged door — Also known as the swing-out garage door, this resembles barn doors when it opens and closes.


  • Tilt-up door — A modern door model, this can be quite expensive and more difficult to operate than the common garage door.


  • Sectional garage door This is the most popular type of garage door for residential homes in the USA. This door’s panels are divided into sections that are held together by hinges.

Garage storage

Aside from the door, this aspect should be a primary concern if you want to maximize your garage’s space and to keep it tidy. The inner space can be organized with the following:

  • Overhead garage racks — You can use the high parts of your wall and even your ceiling for more storage space. They come in different sizes and colors, so you can make them blend in with your garage’s interior design. Another option is to buyhooks and set them up on the ceiling racks so you can have a space for your bike.

  • Wall-mounted shelves— If you want to free up more space for your vehicles, consider investing in regular or height adjustable shelves that could be mounted on the walls instead of freestanding shelves.

  • Pegboards — This is a space-saving choice for when you want to store your equipment and tools on the wall and within plain sight. For more tips, you can try to read this article.

Choose the best for you

There are many different garage type options that you can choose from! It can even be more exciting as you work on the more intricate details like flooring, siding, and roofing. Finding out what style you like best can make a big difference.

Remember to properly measure the dimensions of your garage before buying specific materials. The best thing is to enjoy the process as you meet your garage goals.


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