Is Your Garage Organization Driving You Crazy?

Garages as we all know, are built for the car and even the truck, but unfortunately, so much more ends up being parked here. After a few years, you have so much junk that it overflows the garage, so much so,  that your vehicle no longer fits and just ends up in the driveway.


Go out to your garage. Go on! Take a quick look around. It is time isn’t it? Time to spring into action and reclaim your garage.


Things You Gotta Move Out

There are things in a garage that you really have to move out even if you don’t want to do it. Be sure to throw out all of these old items:


Paint Cans – Yes, even spray paint cans that are half empty need to go. Temperature changes can destroy them. Besides, most leftover paint turns into a solid, unusable blob anyway. Save yourself the stress and just get rid of it.

Propane Tanks – Always store these tanks outside. Fumes and yes, explosions, can occur and occasionally fires.

Paper Goods – These are a favorite of rodents and bugs. Mice love to shred up the paper or make nests in your old “Happy Halloween” signs.

Old Working Refrigerators and Freezers – Yes, you want to get rid of them. They are big energy drains if your garage is not air conditioned.

Pet Food – Pests love pet food. It is free food, and besides, after a while, it spoils anyway. Moisture can also ruin it even if it is in a sealed bag.


You Are Ready! Now What?


You got it clean! Hurray! Now what are you going to do. Now it is time to consider adding racks and other things that can help you keep everything organized. You don’t ever want to have to do a garage spring cleaning again. Here are some great ideas you can use to get your garage well organized.




Consider  A Few Great Space Creators and Savers

You might think that all you need to do is clean. But you would be surprised at how space creators and savers keep that garage organized and everything clean – all the time. A few important elements to have include:


An overhead rack – Make the most of overhead space by using an overhead rack. This is a garage storage rack that sits overhead just above the garage door somewhere near the ceiling. These racks are great and can store boxes, rolls, rakes, yard equipment and more.  

Attach a Work Table to a Wall – Squeeze in a fold-down work table. This is a perfect work table for woodwork, artwork, or just a place to put stuff together. It makes a perfect place for your tools and tasks.

Add Pegboard – Pegboard the walls or get a pegged organizing system. Here you can place hooks to hang brooms, yard equipment, christmas stuff and other things you need to work outside.

Open Shelves and Racks  – Install open shelves and wall racks to store tools, hardware, seasonal items and more.

Clear Boxes – This is a garage staple. You really need clear boxes to store family items, books, clothing and stuff you want to preserve.


When All Is Said and Done

Once the day has ended and your piles and decisions have been made, once you have those cool garage organization racks installed, you will be amazed at how much space you actually have. It all looks good. Now you can get your car in your garage, and you can have fun storing all your good stuff in your new garage racks, shelves and storage bins. You no longer have to jump over and sneak past your mismatched stuff. Your garage is nice and neat. Now it may be time to tackle your basement or attic. Wait! Catch your breath first.

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