How to Marie Kondo Your Garage

Marie Kondo works magic on clutter. The star of the Netflix series, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” has a way with messes and seeing the promises held by a muddled space.

But more than that, she knows that owning and keeping “stuff” runs deep. There is an intrinsic connection between how our mind functions and how and why we cling to things. On that premise, the condition of the house can affect the homeowner’s state of mind.

Now you might say that you keep your house clean. That’s great. But how about the garage? A Garage Living article cited a  survey by the National Association of Professional Organizers that showed 50 percent of homeowners named the garage as the most disorganized area of their house.

If your garage is a disaster, you can “KonMari” your way to a more organized garage. Here are some principles that you can use to make your garage space a better place:

  1. Same things go together in one space — Kondo encourages to tidy things by category — not location or frequency of use. While it goes against the tide of usual how-to’s when it comes to garage organization, Kondo’s method also makes sense. Putting things together will help in the entire storage system and will make organizing work faster.
  2. Start with clothes first — Kondo says that you can start sorting out your clothes, moving on to books, papers, and “komono” (miscellaneous items). The final confrontation will be with the sentimental items. This is also a great principle because if you start with the last item, you might just end up reminiscing rather than organizing.
  3. Keep only the things that “bring joy” — This is perhaps the most famous principle from Kondo. The complete thought is: “Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy.” This positive perspective makes keeping or letting go of things easier and lighter. Take the time to sort out the things in your garage and ask yourself the same question for each item that you come across.

The things that you dispose of can be put up for donation or garage sale. Meanwhile, the items that you keep must be organized properly.

  • Show gratitude — The Konmari method includes thanking our things for their service and then letting them go.  This introspective approach makes decluttering a deep and intensely personal experience. Having closure with your things can help you say goodbye to them for good.

What are your thoughts?

With those simple steps, your garage turns into a sanctuary that keeps the things that bring you joy. With that kind of setup, you can treat your garage as a sacred space where peacefulness and cleanliness are periodically observed.

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