How to Make Parents’ Day Special

Parents play a big role in the lives of their children. They are the anchors of the home, and we look up to them as our source of protection and inspiration. Our folks are special individuals who truly deserve to be celebrated.


Thankfully, there is a day dedicated to honoring our parents. Parents’ Day is different from Mother’s Day or Father’s Day in that it is a holiday that celebrates all the work they do together as a team. It was established in 1994.


Lauding the parents


The sacrifices of our parents are noteworthy. Different local and state organizations have come up with programs and awards to celebrate exemplary parents who showed love and service inside and outside of their homes.


There are local Parents’ Day committees that organize events to honor parents in different areas. On a grander scale, the Universal Peace Federation sponsors an award ceremony, inviting and hosting state nominees to a Parents of the Year Banquet in Washington, D.C. If your parents fit the bill for the award, you can nominate them here.


Unusual times call for creativity


Different holidays are around the corner and you have to stretch your imagination a bit to make them special. This is a great opportunity to be creative in showing your gratitude to your parents.


Here are a few ideas of how you can show their appreciation and gratitude to your parents this year, in ways that are both safe and affordable.

  1. Organize a Zoom party — The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that social distancing must still be observed to curb the rise of Coronavirus cases. In this case, you can stay in touch with your parents through a virtual celebration.

One thing to look out for is that your parents may not be tech-savvy or the internet connections can go haywire. In any case, these technical difficulties should not cancel out the thought behind the call — which is to spend time with your parents.




  1. Write a letter — If using technology is out of the question, you can go old school with a handwritten letter. Grab your pen and paper and start to write down your thoughts of appreciation

Don’t know where to start? You can start by expressing how much your parents’ efforts mean to you or you can go back and reminisce about the moments that had a significant impact on your life. Just remember to sound natural and write what comes from your heart.

Don’t forget to mail it in advance so that it reaches your parents on their special day.

How to write a letter to parents


  1. Send a care package — Thoughtfulness in different forms will always be appreciated. Your gift need not be extravagant especially if spending money is a concernfor you at the moment. Why not send a package with a homemade dessert, bottles of juices, and perhaps a houseplant?


But if you do have enough budget, you can try to send them something different. If your parents have a knack for cleaning, you can also try sending them garage storage racks so they can organize their things. FlexiMounts is offering a special sale promo in time for Parents’ Day on their select products.


Just show the love


The pandemic has made us rethink our habits and traditions. Take advantage of this time to be creative and make occasions more meaningful. The bottom line remains the same: Make your parents feel loved and appreciated. Even the simplest gesture can lighten up their day when it comes from a place of thoughtfulness.

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