How To Create A Garage Gym To Suit Your Goals

Exercising is the key to a happy and healthy life. Everyone knows this, but the majority of people can’t get off the proverbial couch. They manage to come up with numerous barriers, which seem to be keeping them from exercising on a regular basis.

Ask anyone, who hasn’t been in a gym for years, and he or she will come up with numerous excuses. What are the standard problems interfering with the healthy lifestyle?

  • Budget– not enough money to get a good gym membership.
  • Location– the gym is too far away from home or work.
  • Limited space– not enough space for a home gym.
  • Willpower – i.e. the lack of it.

Exercising willpower and fighting laziness is a process that may take years or seconds depending on your needs and desires. The other three problems can be solved by creating a compact garage gym.

By doing sufficient research, you can find equipment, which can easily fit in your garage. A garage gym deals with the location and budget problems in a flash.

What Do You Really Need?

Before you start building your ideal garage gym, you need to ask yourself what you really want from it.

  1. Frequency Of Use

Are you planning to exercise on a regular basis or do you need the gym for occasional muscle toning?

  1. Type of Exercising

Do you want to pay special attention to certain muscles? Do you need cardio? Or is muscle pumping sufficient?

  1. Budget

How much money are you really willing to spend on the gym? Keeping the second point in mind, you can plan the budget.

When you write down answers to the above questions, you can substantially narrow down the equipment you need to purchase for your home gym. More often than not, people with grandiose plans buy too much stuff, which turns out to be too large for their garages and completely useless.

The key to building your garage gym is being honest with yourself. Will you really lift weights? Or perhaps a treadmill is the farthest you can go? Consider visiting a nearby gym and testing the equipment. It can give you an idea of what you really need.

Garage Organization

Whether you are planning to exercise on a regular basis or thinking of working out occasionally, you need stellar garage organization. With the right approach, you can use your garage gym for other purposes as well.

To improve the organization, you can check out Fleximounts garage storage racks. They are an ideal choice for people, who have things they don’t use on a regular basis but would like to have fast access to. Using these storage racks can help you equip your garage gym while leaving space to park your car.

Fleximounts storage racks can handle up to 550 lbs. They can double up as your gym equipment for pull-ups.

Equipment To Start With

If you are equipping a full-time gym in your garage, consider getting the following equipment:

  • Flat utility bench
  • Power rack
  • Olympic bar
  • Olympic weights
  • Jump rope
  • Slam ball

In the future, if the budget and space allow, you can invest in other equipment. However, the above set is all you need for a solid start.

Final Thoughts

Exercising can be fun if you take the right approach. Anyone can create a garage gym in a matter of days. So what are you waiting for?

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