How to choose your garage door?

One of the hardest decisions you need to create for your home is whether to change your garage door or not. It is because you need to consider a lot of things before you can change it – style, size, durability, material, etc. Don’t forget that you also need to double check the security options of the door that you want. You’ll need to keep your home and your family safe in the first place.


It can be very discouraging and tiring but always remember that it’s for the beautification and organization of your garage. Also, if you are thinking of selling your house in the future, it is said in the Remodeling Magazine that remodeling your garage door offers up to 90 percent return of investment.


But how you should go about it? Here are some tips that you can follow to ease your mind on this challenging task.


Check your options online

Before you actually change your garage door you have to research out it first. Check the different products and familiarize yourself with them. Compare their materials, design, price,and reviews before you decide. You can also get the opinion of your family members and friends to help you come up with a suitable option.

Take ample time to check your options because it is not easy to change doors. Make sure to know the specs and check if it fits with yours. You can seed other options from magazines, brochures, and online portals.


Decide on what material you prefer

Deciding on the material for your garden door is a tricky business because there are a lot of choices that have unique qualities. If you choose Aluminum it is low maintenance and rustproof; while Steel is sturdier than the Aluminum.

If you’re more of a traditional person and choose Wood, you need to know that it requires regular maintenance like painting or staining. On the other hand, the Fiberglass type is more durable in wood or metal but it may crack when hit hard.

The material you have to choose needs to match what type of weather you have in your area and how strong the winds are. These factors have effects on the durability of your doors.


Check your options for comfort and security

Do you want a door that can make your family secure at home? Do you want something that’s insulated or not? How are you going to install your new door? You also have to consider these things before you set your eyes on one product.

You need to make sure that you know reputable door companies who can help you install your door safely. Make sure that they are trusted because you wouldn’t want to give access to your home to some strangers.

Insulation is another thing that you need to consider. If you’re living in a place with extreme weather (summer or winter), it’s great to keep your garage door insulated; while if you live in a country not experiencing extremities, it’s okay to keep your door not insulated.

As for the security feature, Style at Home wrote that there are different options for security nowadays. There are some handle-less doors to frustrate thieves and there are remote-operated doors that you can be customized and program it.


Try on some doors online

Technologies are so advanced nowadays that you can now check if one door design fits with your house online. Overhead Door built a technology to help people check out their products and fit it to their house without hassle. Their customers just need to upload a photo of their house then match products to it to see how it looks.

By doing this you’ll get to see how different products fit with your house architectural design. You’ll get to visualize what color pops out and is beautiful to your door. You can check different designs that will match the tone of your house. You can also get some help with the company representatives to check the specific design that you have in mind. Take advantage of this technology because it can be a great help to you.


Customize your door

There are a lot of accessories and decorative accents that you can use for your door. There are different hinges and handles with a variety of designs to make your door more appealing. You can also choose to put lights, etched glass, and textured windows to make your door unique.

But not many know that you can actually install an overhead rack in a garage door. Fleximount’s Overhead Garage Storage Racks can be a cool decorative rack in your door. It’s very easy to install and customizable. It’s stable and sturdy compared to other products with separate frame and wire. It can also help you get rid of the mess you have in your garage and it provides a safe place for your things.

Now that you know how to choose a proper door for your garage, here are some tips for your garage maintenance.


Schedule your yearly maintenance

Experts say that you need to schedule maintenance for at least twice a year. You can mark it in your calendar to remember or you can schedule it with a seasonal celebration or activity. You can schedule when you need to get your lawnmower out and prepare for spring.

You have to remember to have your yearly maintenance for early detection of your door problems.


Clear the tracks of your door

You have to make sure that your garage door is free of debris and rust. You can clean it on your own but if it needs some adjustment, better to call for professional help.

You have to be active in checking the tracks of your door because it may be a cause of more serious problems that may cost you a fortune.


Test the door balance

It is mandated by building codes in a lot of areas that garage door openers should be automatic and have the auto-reverse feature. Buildings that do not have this are advised to install it or change the door.

This auto-reverse feature is designed to detect the things that hinder the door to close or open. It automatically stops and reverses direction if it detects an object in the path of the door or hits an object while the door is closing or opening.

You need to regularly check if it is still functioning and consult your door opener instruction manual if you think something is amiss.


Clean the door

Part of maintenance is cleaning thoroughly your garage door. Check for peeling paint, rust, stains, and scratches. If your door is steel, you need to sand, primed, and paint it if you see some rust. If your door is wood you need to check some water damage and warping because it is the most common problem of wood.

You need to make sure that your door is presentable to people.

A garage is one of the most important parts of your home. You maybe housing your car in here of some cleaning equipment but you need to remember to keep it clean and organized. In that way, you’ll be able to sleep safe and sound.


Fleximounts have different products that can help you organize your garage – they have wall shelves, overhead rack hooks, and other organizational products. Check out their products here.

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