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Pest control

Best Practices to Shoo Away the Pests Making A Home in the Garage

We welcome guests and surprises into our homes every once in a while.

unpacking cardboard boxes

The Key to a Clean and Organized Garage is an Effective Storage Solution

What else do you keep in your garage in addition to your car?

Garage as home office and play area

An Alternative Use for the Garage! Try these out!

How time flies! It's almost the end of the first month of the new year.

Making Own Furniture

Over 11 Reasons to Make Your Own Wood Furniture

Never underestimate a tree's power.

Cleaning Time

Stop Making Excuses! Now is the Time to Clean

Have nothing planned for this week, whatever the case may be.

Man enters the room

Garage Detox: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Space

You can feel the energy of the space when you walk in.

Time to Clean

How Decluttering Can Help Ease Your Anxiety

You might be experiencing a lot of mental tension right now.

Garage mess

The Garage is a Disaster: How and Why Did This Happen?

Are things in the garage a complete mess?
Clean Garage

Storage Ideas for the Garage You Never Knew You Needed

The garage serves as a place for us to park, as well as a workspace and storage room.

Cleaning the Garage

Make Garage Cleaning and Organizing Easy with these Simple Steps

Is cleaning ever easy? Some might say easy peasy, while others will frown at the thought.

Cleaning Time

Does Your Garage Smell Bad? How to Wash Away the Stench

When we don't have a place for something in our house, we almost instinctively dump it in the garage.

bicycle parked in winter

Should One Rethink Twice Before Cycling During Winter?

Cycling and winter are an odd combination if you think about it.

Two-car garage

Project Garage: Decluttering the Space

Looking for a weekend project?

discarding stuff in the room

New Years Resolution: Put Your Garage on a Diet

Year after year, one thing that never leaves our New Year's Resolutions list is to go on a diet.

soundproofing the garage

Noise-proof Garage for the Sound-Sensitive Neighbor

The hammering, cracking, and popping of your neighbor's carpentry, masonry, or other mechanical activities that they chose to conduct that day is the most annoying thing in the world. For several days straight would be far worse.

Fleximounts products

These Garage Storage Options Give My Space A Much-Needed Breather

My interest in garage organization has recently grown.

Garage Interior

A Guide on Garage Storage Solutions

You are already in that headspace of wanting the best for your garage.

garage home office

Is the Garage a Great Home Office Candidate?

The garage has mostly served as a place for your family to store cars for a long time.

Garage Workshop

Saying Yes to a Clean and Functional Garage: A New Year's Resolution

New Year, new garage?

Garage Parking

Why Could Our Garages not Accommodate Our Vehicles?

The way we use our garage has changed over the years from just a place to store our cars to a storage room and a workspace, to mention a few.

Shoveling snow

5 Sure Solutions for Handling a Major Winter Problem in the Garage–Snow Melt

Despite the fact that we adore the snow that winter provides, we are unable to share the same sentiments about the snow melt.

young man packing up garage junk

Cleaning Up for the Holidays: The Quintessential Garage Junk Discovered

The Christmas season is the ideal time to go through all of your boxes and the spaces in your garage.

Tucking Away Holiday Decor

Hiding the Decorations after the Holiday Madness

How did your Christmas Day go?

Space Renovation

Adding a Guest Room to Your Garage

Christmas is here!

Storing Time

Garage Storage is Plain and Simple

Garage storage is simple. 

Man carrying bike

This Is the Simplest and Most Direct Way to Store Bikes

There is no cure or prevention once the cycling virus strikes you.

Cleaning Up

Why You Should Clean Your Garage this Christmas Season

Before the Christmas season completely consumes you, now is a great idea to tackle your garage.

clean garage

The Secret to Maintaining a Clutter-Free Garage is This

Too much effort may be expected to maintain the garage's floor clean of junk.

thief at the door

Protection 101: How to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

These days, traveling has seen a spike.

Books on Display

Making Your Garage A Safe Space to Read

Education is valuable because the power of knowledge can never be taken away from you.

Senior woman doing woodwork in a workshop

The Garage as the One-Area-that-Fits-All Kind of Space in the House

The time when your cars were the only things in the garage are forgotten.

buying bike

Getting a Good Bike: Factors to Take Into Account

It's been fall season for quite some time now.

Man standing next to a pile of boxes

Early Warning Indications of a Storage System Gap in Your Garage

Your own garage looks nothing like the garage you used to enjoy having; instead, it is a complete mess that you do not want even to take a peek at.

Garage Sale

What You Should Be Selling in Garage Sales

This year, are people still visiting yard sales and garage sales and making purchases?

garage renovation

Trust Only the Experts to Reconstruct Your Dream Garage

The garage must be, first and foremost, functional.

Nice and Clean

Quick Garage Check: Are My Belongings Organized?

Are you looking at your garage wondering how it can be improved? 

Fleximounts GR48M

Why You Should Purchase Overhead Garage Storage on Black Friday

Aside from the obvious reason that you can save a chunk of money on discounts this Black Friday, investing in overhead garage storage is the sound move if you want to achieve an organized and well-put garage.

Fleximounts workbench

Get Set for Black Friday! Here Are Our Best Workbench Selections

On Black Friday, you can definitely escape the massive crowds (hello, online shopping), but not the unending wish list.

Garage Workshop

Staying Home this Halloween Weekend? Projects You Can Take On to Keep Your Garage Organized

We are no longer surprised by the idea of spending the weekend at home.

Group of young healthy people doing pushups

Young and Fit! Staying Healthy Now for a Better Future

Your future health and overall state will be reflected in how you care for yourself today.

Modern garage with rolling gate interior.

An Organized Person's Favorite Garage Storage Solutions

Clutter is one thing that immaculately organized people strongly detest, and you bet it, even the sight of a ball of dust on the floor would cause them to raise an eyebrow and wrinkle their forehead.

Outdoor Fun

Activities to Catch Up on Before Winter Starts in Two Months

You are aware of what winter's arrival means?

Small garage

Size Doesn't Matter: Make Your Garage Look Larger than It Is

There is only so much you can do with the small amount of space in your garage.

Squeaky Clean

Ways on How the Garage Can Sport A Minimalist Design

Nowadays, minimalism has largely taken the place of maximalism.

Woman tidying closet

How to Channel Your Inner Marie Kondo

Does it spark joy?

Organizing Garage

Use These Garage Storage Tricks to Simplify Your Life

The biggest threat to our garage is clutter.

How to Fix Three Most Common Garage Issues

The home's garage is the room that is used the most. It serves as a doorway to the house's living spaces, a parking spot for your car, a workspace for your projects, and even a place to store your belongings. The garage is put to a lot of use by homeowners. Since the garage sees a lot of foot activity, wear and tear are unavoidable and tend to happen more quickly than we anticipate. We see and amass more issues in our garage as the needs increase as time goes on. However, any issue may be resolved. The issues might not be as complicated as you think.
Ordeal #1: No More Space in the Cluttered Garage
As was said before, the garage is our home's room for everyone. If there is even any breathing room, what we may consider doing and making the most of it might only result in that. The most frequent issue is excessive clutter presented as a necessity. If you have previously done everything you can to clean up and organize your garage and still don't notice any progress, it's possible that you are pleading for a bad answer.
Solution #1: Effective Storage
You probably have more garage storage systems than any of your friends, and you've probably seen their shortcomings time and time again. Making the most of any bare walls or ceilings will help make garag

Make the Most Out of Your Garage Space by Utilizing Overhead Garage Storage

One effective technique to reduce garage clutter is to use the ceiling space as a storage location. Most of the time, a garage's vertical space is not utilized to its fullest. Then how can you utilize this area properly and what are the most reliable garage overhead storage systems to use? Get the most out of this vital storage area in your house with the aid of these garage overhead storage solutions.
Select the most suitable overhead storage solution for your garage.
Picking the appropriate garage above storage solution is the first and most crucial of our overhead garage storage advice. Figure out what you'll be storing in the overhead space, then select a storage option that fits your needs. The rest of the process is considerably simpler in terms of garage overhead storage after thinking about your whys and hows. Larger and heavier things are usually kept in garage overhead storage. Because of this, you'll need sturdy storage racks that are well-made and up to the task, capable of handling the never-ending demands of a garage, and capable of lasting for several years.
Use your overhead garage storage racks to secure the essential stuff.
Garage overhead storage is perfe

Effective Ways to Reduce Garage Condensation

Garage condensation is a concerning issue. If left unchecked, the extra moisture in garages—which may originate from a number of sources—may cause homeowners further problems in the future. There are a number of practical actions you can take to lessen condensation in garages. By following the suggestions on the list below, you may prevent the damaging long-term consequences of garage condensation on your garage and your personal belongings. You can take control of some of the simpler and easier condensation-reducing procedures. However, a professional garage repair and maintenance company should handle the more difficult condensation solutions. They'll see to it that the work is done correctly while also giving your garage the visual look you want.
How and why does garage condensation happen?
Air moisture causes condensation in garages. Water droplets form when that moisture comes into contact with a cold surface, setting the stage for subsequently major problems. Your house is negatively impacted by high humidity and condensation levels in your garage. They risk destroying the structural foundation of your garage and hastening the rusting of your equipment, cars, and storage units. A home's occupants might be in danger for illnesses borne out of the devel

Injuries and Accidents that Can Happen in the Garage

Even the most cautious people occasionally experience accidents. However, let's not ignore the reality that accidents might occur in garages due to carelessness and poor design. In order to prevent accidents and injuries inside your space, it is important to maintain a clean and organized garage. Let's check at some of the most typical injuries and accidents that happen in the garage. And perhaps by taking notice of these, you will be able to properly design and build your garage, and prevent catastrophes from occurring later on.
Eye-related accidents
Eye injuries can happen for a number of reasons. Welding equipment, power tools, workshop grinders, buffers or polishers, bleach, and manual tools are the main causes of eye injuries, according to Prevent Blindness. In hindsight, the majority of hospital emergencies in the US mention that materials used in and around the house might cause eye damage. Although we can't completely stop ourselves from utilizing these things, we can take steps to safeguard ourselves. When working in the garage, start by donning goggles or eye protection. Eye injuries are frequently caused by flying grass clippings from lawn mowers, paint or solvent spills, or home cleaners. Make sure the "Z-87" logo is imprinted on the frames when choosing protective eyewear.