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sleeping raccoon

The Garage Zoo: An Unexpected Encounter with the Animal Kingdom

Unleash your inner explorer as we embark on a wild safari through the garages that have unwittingly become home to a variety of creatures.

Tidy garage

The Top 10 Garage Storage Solutions: A Battle Plan for a Clutter-Free Space!

Are you tired of battling the never-ending chaos of tools, sports equipment, and random boxes?

Woman treating wooden object

From Junk to Funk: How to Upcycle Your Old Garage Clutter into Cool New Décor

Garages may be a treasure trove of memories, emotions, and undesirable possessions.

House renovation

The Secret Life of Garages: Unusual Uses for Your Extra Space

Let's face it: garages are like the Jan Brady of homes - always overshadowed and often neglected.

Modern Home Garage

From Junkyard to Jewel Box: How I Turned My Garage into a Designer Dream

Ah, the garage. A place where cars rest, tools hide, and muscles are sometimes flexed.

Repairing Garage

Several Problems that Make Garages Unsafe and How to Address Them

Every home needs a garage since they offer room for storing automobiles and other household items as well as a work area for hobbies and do-it-yourself tasks.

mother and daughter in the Garage

Ways to have a Genderless Garage

For a long time, garages have been considered a man's sanctuary, a place to tinker with cars, power tools, and all sorts of mechanical stuff.

small garage

Small Garage shouldn't be an Issue if You Employ these Practices

Spaces have limitations.

Organized Garage

Take It from the Experts: How to Store Your Stuff in the Garage Effectively

Ever wondered why no matter how much time and effort we pour into organizing our garage, the mess is still over the place? 

Woman at the spring cleaning

Spring is Almost Here: Time to Get Your Cleaning Gloves on

You already know what time it is—spring cleaning season—and it's almost here!

Garage interior with open door

5 Top Storage Solutions: An Organized Garage Owners Guide

Are you a confessed organized person?

The Garage Hour

Building Your Best Garage Yet

The garage is a valuable space in any home.

ceiling interior building damaged from water leaking

Condensation in Garages: How to Handle and Control It

A troubling concern is a condensation in garages.

Constructor designing new engine

Home Renovation Wishlist: Garage Workshop Space You Can Call Your Own

You might want to add a separate workshop to your home improvement list of wants.

Garage owner wearing mask

Health Care: Parking in the Garage Affects the Air Quality in Your Home

With the wind howling and snow piling up outside of your home, parking cars in the garage is the most sensible thing to do right now.

Finished Garage

Reasons to Finish Your Garage

The garage wouldn't likely be on your list of priorities if you were still finishing your house.

Senior man having back pain

You're at Risk in the Garage: What to Do to Avoid Getting Hurt

Accidents may occur to even the most careful individuals.

Modern Garage

The Garage Reflects the Character of the Homeowner

Your living environment expresses who you are as a person.

Modern Garage

Learn The Way to Increase How Much Your Garage is Worth

One part of a home that is frequently overlooked is the garage.

Pest control

Best Practices to Shoo Away the Pests Making A Home in the Garage

We welcome guests and surprises into our homes every once in a while.

unpacking cardboard boxes

The Key to a Clean and Organized Garage is an Effective Storage Solution

What else do you keep in your garage in addition to your car?

Garage as home office and play area

An Alternative Use for the Garage! Try these out!

How time flies! It's almost the end of the first month of the new year.

Making Own Furniture

Over 11 Reasons to Make Your Own Wood Furniture

Never underestimate a tree's power.

Cleaning Time

Stop Making Excuses! Now is the Time to Clean

Have nothing planned for this week, whatever the case may be.

Man enters the room

Garage Detox: How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Space

You can feel the energy of the space when you walk in.

Time to Clean

How Decluttering Can Help Ease Your Anxiety

You might be experiencing a lot of mental tension right now.

Garage mess

The Garage is a Disaster: How and Why Did This Happen?

Are things in the garage a complete mess?
Clean Garage

Storage Ideas for the Garage You Never Knew You Needed

The garage serves as a place for us to park, as well as a workspace and storage room.

Cleaning the Garage

Make Garage Cleaning and Organizing Easy with these Simple Steps

Is cleaning ever easy? Some might say easy peasy, while others will frown at the thought.

Cleaning Time

Does Your Garage Smell Bad? How to Wash Away the Stench

When we don't have a place for something in our house, we almost instinctively dump it in the garage.

bicycle parked in winter

Should One Rethink Twice Before Cycling During Winter?

Cycling and winter are an odd combination if you think about it.

Two-car garage

Project Garage: Decluttering the Space

Looking for a weekend project?

discarding stuff in the room

New Years Resolution: Put Your Garage on a Diet

Year after year, one thing that never leaves our New Year's Resolutions list is to go on a diet.

soundproofing the garage

Noise-proof Garage for the Sound-Sensitive Neighbor

The hammering, cracking, and popping of your neighbor's carpentry, masonry, or other mechanical activities that they chose to conduct that day is the most annoying thing in the world. For several days straight would be far worse.

Fleximounts products

These Garage Storage Options Give My Space A Much-Needed Breather

My interest in garage organization has recently grown.

Garage Interior

A Guide on Garage Storage Solutions

You are already in that headspace of wanting the best for your garage.

garage home office

Is the Garage a Great Home Office Candidate?

The garage has mostly served as a place for your family to store cars for a long time.

Garage Workshop

Saying Yes to a Clean and Functional Garage: A New Year's Resolution

New Year, new garage?

Garage Parking

Why Could Our Garages not Accommodate Our Vehicles?

The way we use our garage has changed over the years from just a place to store our cars to a storage room and a workspace, to mention a few.

Shoveling snow

5 Sure Solutions for Handling a Major Winter Problem in the Garage–Snow Melt

Despite the fact that we adore the snow that winter provides, we are unable to share the same sentiments about the snow melt.

young man packing up garage junk

Cleaning Up for the Holidays: The Quintessential Garage Junk Discovered

The Christmas season is the ideal time to go through all of your boxes and the spaces in your garage.

Tucking Away Holiday Decor

Hiding the Decorations after the Holiday Madness

How did your Christmas Day go?

Space Renovation

Adding a Guest Room to Your Garage

Christmas is here!

Storing Time

Garage Storage is Plain and Simple

Garage storage is simple. 

Man carrying bike

This Is the Simplest and Most Direct Way to Store Bikes

There is no cure or prevention once the cycling virus strikes you.

Cleaning Up

Why You Should Clean Your Garage this Christmas Season

Before the Christmas season completely consumes you, now is a great idea to tackle your garage.

clean garage

The Secret to Maintaining a Clutter-Free Garage is This

Too much effort may be expected to maintain the garage's floor clean of junk.

thief at the door

Protection 101: How to Prevent Garage Break-Ins

These days, traveling has seen a spike.

Books on Display

Making Your Garage A Safe Space to Read

Education is valuable because the power of knowledge can never be taken away from you.

Senior woman doing woodwork in a workshop

The Garage as the One-Area-that-Fits-All Kind of Space in the House

The time when your cars were the only things in the garage are forgotten.