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Building a garage

Add Value to Your House by Building a Garage

You might wonder why having a garage is necessary if you park your car on the side of the road, lead a minimalist lifestyle, or don't work on projects requiring a dedicated workshop area.

Dancing is our Passion

How to Become a Dancer

I see, so you desire to become a dancer.

Tires in Snow

How to Extend the Life of Your Winter Tires

There are many items that you save for storage after winter and only use then.


How to Not Get Stressed This Coming Valentine's Month

The month of hearts, February is almost here as January is ready to come to an end.

Stretching before Cycling

First Step to Avoid Injuries when Cycling: Proper Warm Up

If you cycle without performing the correct warm-up and stretching routines, injuries and muscular tension may happen.
Cyclist in maximum effort

You're a Cyclist If You Know How to Do These Five Skills

It's a big achievement that you finally figured out how to ride a bike while upright!

photo studio in the garage

Start 2023 Right: Begin Your Photography Career in the Garage

2023 feels like the best year yet.


Can't stop shopping? Here's how you can

When they're feeling depressed or anxious, so many individuals turn to retail therapy.

Obsessively Washing

How to Deal with an OCD Condition

Obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, is diagnosed in 1 in 40 adults and 1 in 100 children, according to the World Health Organization. 

Muscle Up

Organizing the Garage for a Home Gym

One of the top New Year resolutions every year is to lose weight. 

It’s Not Just A Man’s Job

The Garage is For All Genders

Homeowners and visitors tend to think of the man in the house when we make any mention of the garage.

Apple store

Inspiring Garage Stories that will Motivate you to move

It’s great to start the year with a dose of inspiration. 

Removing holiday decorations

Holiday Season is Over: Expert Advice on What to Do with the Decors

It's a brand-new year. One thing is sure: you cannot escape this aspect, uh, reality, whether it thrills or frightens you.

Smiling Newborn

How to Free Up Space in your Tiny House for Your Newborn

Let me start by congratulating you.

Fleximounts garage

Top Garage Organization Partner You Can Count on

Nobody enjoys entering or working in chaotic surroundings.

Equestrian Training

Trying Expensive Activities at a Later Age

There may be a privileged few who get to try a lot of sports at a young age.

man on his garage

Let this Be the Year You Finally Declutter Your Garage

Let this be the year that you finally stop saying things that you don’t follow through with action. 

Paint Rolling

Painting Your Garage Anew this New Year

It’s 2023 and likely that you’re yearning to do something new.

Newbie cyclist

Some of the Most Common Mistakes a Newbie Cyclist Commits

Some may have picked up cycling as an activity due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Ready to Cycle

Learning to Cycle Before 2022 Ends

It’s probably your goal this year to finally learn how to ride a bike.

Washing bikes

Basic Bicycle Maintenance: What You Need to Know

How often you should give your bicycles a thorough cleaning is a general query that is frequently posed.

Christmas Shopping

The Christmas Splurge Worth Every Penny: Wall and Ceiling Garage Storage Racks

Every year, when the Christmas holiday comes, we itch to buy something that fits our need for validation–a job well done after a whole year of working hard and rummaging through our hardships and pains.

On a Ski Run

How to Have a No-Stress Skiing Trip

You're most likely here since this will be your first ski trip.

Cycling during winter

Following the Christmas Festivities, Engage in Some Cycling

The Christmas season is the ideal justification for feasting on (or, in some cases, binge eating in) food.

Garage interior

Prepping for the New Year: A Cleaner, More Organized Garage that Everyone Deserves

Getting a fresh beginning for the new year is at everyone's top mind.

Skiing Action

Beginner Skiing Skills to Tick Off

Did you ever go skiing before?

burning matches house

Why Fire Happens during Christmas Season: A Holiday Safety Advice

Are there holiday decorations in your dolled-up home, such as twinkling lights, wreaths made of winter greens, and glittering objects?

Gaming Room

Create a Safe Space for Your Child to Express His Individuality

We all need our me-time or alone time doing whatever we want.

It’s Time to Ski

Storing Your Ski Gear Properly

Winter in the US begins on December 21 and lasts until March 20.

Dinner Date

Pull off a Romantic Date in Your Own Garage

You could forget to set aside time for your particular mate during the chaos of Christmas.

Balloons and Gifts

Make Your Garage the Best Birthday Party Venue

Birthdays occupy a particular position in our life, which is arguably the one thing that everyone can agree on.

clean and organized garage

Maintaining the Garage is Easy if We Use These Racks and Shelves

Ownership and, more notably, upkeep of a garage may be challenging.

Working on Wood

What to do This Holiday Season When You’re Feeling Bored

You can take a much-needed holiday break this Christmas. 

Man Outside the Garage While Snowing

Garage Maintenance during Winter is Different from Other Seasons

The padded coats and jackets, heatwear, thermal underwear, wool sweaters, stockings, and earmuffs are unboxed and placed in the very first row of your wardrobe racks.

Snowboarding Time

How to have a Dedicated Online Workout Group this Christmas

The ski gear, ice skates, ice hockey tools, sleds, and snowboards will all be out this holiday season, especially if you live somewhere really cold where snow is starting to build up outside.

Fashion Designer

Launch Your Own Clothing Line Enterprise in Your Garage

Now, grit is all that is necessary.

Wrapping Gifts

Having Your Own Gift-Wrapping Station this holiday season

Is the Christmas tree already lit and waiting for you to place some presents underneath it in the living room?

garage startup

Success Starts at Home: Build Your Business in the Garage

Consider market titans like Apple, Amazon, The Walt Disney Co. (or The Disney Brothers Studio), Hewlett-Packard, Facebook, and Google.

Indoor farming

Organic Farming in the Garage: What You Need to Know

Is it possible to prepare farm-to-table food in your garage?

Painting the Anxiety Away

Activities to Fight Against Anxiety and Depression

We all experience anxiety over particular circumstances that happen in our lifetime.

Bicycle store

Heres What You Need to Know Before Purchasing Your Very First Bicycle

The wind whipping over a biker's face as they ride increases the rush of excitement they are craving.

The Guilty Hoarder

How to Finally Stop Buying and Buying More Stuff

Many people are unaware that hoarding is actually a mental health issue.

Fun in the Snow

Activities to Try for the Most Fun Christmas Ever

Even though it’s still almost a month away, the planning for Christmas Day or activities to do during the holiday season happens weeks back aka now is the perfect time. 

Artist working

What Steps Should I Take to Launch My Visual Arts Career?

You've probably heard it said a number of times: "There is no money in art."

Warm Days

The Different Types of Gifts to Show Gratitude

Don’t you just love Thanksgiving Day? 

Stretching Cyclist

Is Warming Up Necessary Prior to Actually Cycling?

If you cycle without performing the correct warm-up and stretching exercises, injuries and muscle disruptions may arise.

Ready, Set, Go!

The Challenges of Starting a Business

What can be so hard in starting a business? 

Dancing Grandma

Not Letting Age Determine What Hobbies to Pick

Your age is not decreasing.

Father teaches son to ride the bicycle

Is Your Child Ready to Learn to Bike? Here are Some Safety Reminders

It's really not simple to teach a person a new skill.

Hammer Tools

What Select FlexiMounts' Products are For

Picture this.