Garage Cleanout Tips

Imagine this scenario: You want to park your car in your garage but you have to do extreme maneuvers not to bump the things stored in there. Having all that junk in your garage defeats the purpose of having space in the first place.

So, what is left to do? Well, you can turn a blind eye to the mess, or you can do a complete garage cleanout! A garage cleanout will organize your space and you can even make a few bucks by selling some of the junk that you find there. But more on that later!

For now, you should put your heart and mind to your garage cleanout project. Here are some garage cleanout tips that you can use to get started:

  1. Wear your mask — You can do this without protective gear but if you have not cleaned your garage, you can bet that dust has been gathering in the corners. Sporting a face mask will help you get through the pandemic safely and will keep you from inhaling the soot that has accumulated in some parts of the garage.
  2. Start in one section of your garage — The size and mess of your garage might be intimidating you to start your garage cleanout. Take it easy. Tackle one part of the garage first so you do not feel overwhelmed. Later, you can split your garage into sections if you feel like one day is not enough to get things done.
  3. Take everything out! Admit it, you might not recall everything that you stashed in the garage! So, it is a must that you make an inventory of all your stuff. By doing this, you can have a better understanding of what you have. You can then decide what you want to keep, put up for sale, or donate to your preferred charity. Label the boxes if you must so you do not waste time navigating through your things.
  4. Organize and deep clean your garage space — Now that everything is out and you have a list of things that will stay and go, you can start cleaning and even placing things on your garage shelves. If you find that you need more garage mounts, try and explore the products from this brand. It will be beneficial in the long run if you have a mixture of wall-mounted shelves and overhead racks.

The storage strategy is to place your everyday things on the wall and floor shelves for easier access. The things that you do not use daily can be located on the overhead mounts. If you have bikes, overhead storage hooks will help keep your garage organized.

  1. Get rid of your clutter for good — The garage is now spanking clean thanks to your intense mopping, dusting, and wiping. But some of your things are still hanging out in the driveway! You can now focus on the things that you might want to discard. You can do this in three ways:
  •      Hold a garage sale – The adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is apt to use in this situation. Your old bicycle, china, or clothes will still have value for its new owner. How do you do start this? Below are some guidelines that you can use:
      1. Say goodbye to your old things properly –A good closure with your old possessions will allow you to put up more things for your garage sale. If you have not worn a top for years, you might as well give it up. And if you still have old equipment that you stopped using for whatever reason, that is a potential item that you can depart with. In this case, do not just stop at answering if an item gives you joy or not. Think hard if an item still serves its purpose in your life. If you say “yes”, then keep it. If the answer is “no”, let go and bid that item adieu.
      2. Disinfect your items – Hey, you can never be too lax on this. Taking this extra step will make your customers comfortable to look and poke through the available items for sale.
      3. Price them right – Garage sale items are usually sold at lower prices but here is a guide to help you. In any case, customers might still haggle with the pricing so expect that your prices will adjust on the day of your garage sale.
      4. Set up your garage sale area – Just like any good vendor, you might have to do a simple setup so you can display your wares. If you have foldable tables, take them out so you can properly show the items that you are selling. You can also whisk out big umbrellas if you want more shade for your team and customers.
      5. Make sure that you have a team – It can be crazy to pull off a one-man team stunt for a big garage sale. Ask your family or friends to help you to sell, answer inquiries, and pack the items. It will also be a fun experience to bond!
      6. Let the whole neighborhood know about it – Spread the word that you are going to have a garage sale. You can create posters or give away flyers to your neighbors. You can also post on your community Facebook page for a wider reach. Just make sure that social distancing is still practiced in your garage sale to avoid contamination. You can also put your preloved items on e-commerce platforms such as Craigslist, Freecycle, and Facebook Marketplace.
      7. Have fun! If everything has been set already, all you need to do is to enjoy the process! A good tip to make a sale is by telling a good story about the items in your garage sale. Tell a funny story or a sad anecdote because a compelling narrative is always an effective tool for vending.
  • Donate – Remember what we said about labeling your boxes? How’s your donate pile going? Do your research first and call several organizations before heading out. Several non-profit organizations will take in your furniture to be used for lobbies, bedrooms, and breakrooms for their offices. You can also tap shelters and agencies that provide goods for families in need.

Don’t give up easily if some organizations cannot accept your items. You can inquire if your local community for donation opportunities as well. Or you can also ask a few good friends if they want to adopt your furniture in their homes.

  • Recycle your old things – Climate change is real and if you stand up for that cause you might as well start with your furniture. This is a good choice especially if your area has already rolled out the Zero Waste initiatives and Landfill Diversion plans to increase recycling efforts and reduce overall waste and landfill use.

A twin effort for this is upcycling your old furniture. Upcycling is when you repurpose an old item and turn it into a new item with higher quality or value than the original. Here are some items that you can use for your upcycling project:

  1. Use your old dresser drawers as whimsical planters. Do a little DIY and freshen up your drawers to add a rustic touch to your garden. You can look at this page for more inspiration.
  2. You can turn your old travel trunks into bedside tables, coffee tables, patio tables, or display pieces. Just give it some fresh paint and you are good to go.
  3. Remember your old packing crate? You can still use that as a magazine or newspaper rack in your bathroom or kitchen.
  4. If you need more storage, you can get creative with your ladder. With a little paint and buffing, you can turn it into shelves for your trinkets or use it as a clothing rack. How cute would that be?
  5. If you still have an old window frame, you can revamp them and turn them into a cutesy message board. Just sand away the blemishes and give the frame a fresh coat of paint. You can put adhesives on the back so you can mount it against the wall.

There are no rules when it comes to upcycling. Just use your imagination and creativity and you might just find a new treasure among your old things.

  • Take them to the scrap yard – There might still be garage clutter that was not sold or accepted for donations. If you want to permanently get discard your junk, you might as well look for a scrap yard to take them to. You can book experts to haul them for smooth transport.

Go get that junk-free garage

Many homeowners struggle with clearing their garage. It is not the easiest project to do because it can consume time and effort. You can reclaim your old garage and make it a more usable space for the whole household.

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