Four Garage Safety Issues You Must Not Ignore

When dealing with a home security checklist, many people overlook their garage. However, a garage can pose many safety issues for you and your family. There are several factors that can cause possible hazards found in the modern day garage. It’s an area that’s heavily used and contributes to safety and security hazards if proper care isn’t taken. Therefore, the garage is just as worthy of your attention as the other places of your home.


So, if you’re looking for ways to avoid garage safety issues, you need to take the following things into consideration.


Garage Clutter


A disorganized garage can appear to be a challenging task to declutter and tidy up but doing so could help to prevent potential injury to you and your family. Garage clutter not only prevents you from parking your car in the garage; it also poses a safety hazard. A lot of stored clutter and junk takes up a lot of space in your garage and is of no use to anyone; rather it is a significant fire risk. Managing the mess or clutter in a storage area is a lot easier if you select some convenient garage organization solutions. You can easily keep your garage neat, clean, and clutter-free with storage shelves, specialty storage rack shelving, and Slatwall. Furthermore, if you have objects in your garage that you don’t use for a long time but don’t want to part with them, you should opt for self-storage solutions.


Garage Door Safety


The garage door is made to keep your items safe and secure from weather and thieves but it also offers integrated safety features that you need to understand and use to your advantage. Fully automatic garage doors have become much more risk-free over the years but injuries and accidents still occur. Children are extremely vulnerable to injuries. Make sure that your children can’t reach the control button of the garage door opener. You should never allow children to play with the remote control. Keep your garage door opener in a safe and secure location.


Garage Fire Prevention


Home fires often begin in the garage since there are many flammable items kept in most garages. That’s why it’s easy to understand why garage fires are common. Garages aren’t exempt from the guidelines of fire safety. Combustible chemical substances such as fertilizer, pesticides, gasoline, and paint thinner can create very dangerous fires. Identify, assemble, and properly store all flammable objects in a well-ventilated area and in their original container. Use the disposal instructions on the product label and properly dispose of old materials, which are gathering dust or are out of date. Make sure that you always keep a proper fire extinguisher on hand. Fire extinguishers are classified into 5 general classes. In your garage, you can use Class B/C extinguishers since they are capable of putting out fires involving oil, petrol, kerosene, grease, flammable liquids, and energized electrical equipment.


Ladder Injury


Ladder injuries are quite common, although they are usually, entirely preventable. Ladder injuries can happen with numerous types of issues, such as using worn or damaged ladders, wrong use of ladders, and inaccurate placement of ladders. With all the injuries that may occur in the garage, what we usually ignore is ladder accidents. Climbing a ladder while lifting or carrying heavy objects is extremely dangerous and troublesome for people trying to store their items safely, especially for the aged and people who already have health issues. There are many reports showing that annually 500,000 people are treated for ladder-related accidents and 50% of all ladder-related accidents were because of people carrying items while climbing a ladder.


Garage safety can be easy to achieve with a few simple steps. So don’t get too frustrated, the important thing is awareness and prevention. Set aside some time, keep your garage organized, sort your items, and by removing ladders, you’ll avoid most garage hazards and accidents.


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