FlexiMounts Workbench that Puts in the Work for You

Your garage is your outdoor working sanctuary. This is the part of your home where you can work on crafts without worrying that someone will complain about the mess that you will make. All the woodworks and paint jobs are done inside an open garage. Your handy tools are all secured in this place for greater accessibility.

However, most garage owners tend to sell themselves short by using a poorly made working bench. Their reasons can range from how their usual desk works fine or a new desk is expensive but are still not up to their standards.

Luckily, FlexiMounts is here to save the day! Under the same company, FlexiSpot, which creates ergonomic solutions for every office employee, FlexiMounts dares to develop products that would elevate a simple garage. From overhead garage storage to bike racks, FlexiMounts has it all for you!

Today, we will focus on FlexiMounts working benches that complete a garage. So, sit back, relax, and read on to find the best bench that would suit your garage and working personality.


With the Wb107 you can construct your ideal workbench. The included kit that comes with each order contains all the essential hardware for your desk. From the workbench legs with pre-drilled screw holes, hardware fixing plates and covers, the highest quality of screws, and an easy-to-follow manual, you would have no problems with the Wb107 You can also choose the lumber of your liking to match the aesthetics of your garage.

The Wb107  is crafted with durable rust-proof steel. FlexiMounts guarantees exceptional performance as it lasts you for years to come. The competitors’ resin-made brackets are also no match for the dependable and load-bearing performance of the steel brackets. 

Apart from the heavy-duty steel, the Wb107 boasts a customization experience for you. You can mix and match any color that you like, as well as create the perfect size for everyone in the household. Paint, design, and build as you desire, FlexiMounts assures that you would have an excellent workbench no matter how you like it.

For the customers who love wood furniture but cannot find the perfect one, the Wb107  can be used anywhere in your home. With your artistry and imagination, you can turn the garage workbench into a study desk, potting bench, or even as display tables. The possibilities are endless as long as you have the Wb107 .

Customer Reviews:

Mrs. Kathy Jackson found the workbench love of her life.

“We love this workbench! It was an intermediate assembly, very sturdy, and I love how it’s customizable to length, depth, and shelf height. Keeping this one forever for sure.”

Kel B gives the Wb107  a 5-star rating.

“This is a perfect idea for being in between current benches. It is a far upgrade from using an old desk and a gateway to my handmade woodworking bench. It gives me a lot more storage area under the worktop, and with the two shelves above the worktop, I can put my battery chargers and cordless tools.

The strength of the steel used seems to be of excellent quality, and it all went together just as described in the instructions. I was worried the legs would have difficulty staying square and plumb, but it was not a problem. The bench does not rock or wobble even if my garage floor is not perfectly flat and level. I give the kit five stars because of its build quality and ease of adaptability. Packaging also was exquisite, and nothing was scratched.”

Prinscy would surely recommend the Wb107 to anyone.

“This FlexiMount workbench kit is extremely high quality and easy to use. With a single sheet of plywood and just a few 2x4s, you can make yourself a truly versatile bench in very little time. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the metal, as it did not bend or deflect at all and did not even scratch with a slip of the screwdriver. I made a couple of modifications to mine to make it even more useful in my shop, which again was very simple to accomplish. I added casters to the legs to enable the workbench to be moved around with ease and also routed dovetail grooves in the top to be used along with the MicroJig match fit clamping system. I am very excited to start putting this bench to use. I would definitely recommend this product!”

The reviews never lie, so go ahead and get your own Wb107!


The WB201  is capable of handling everything from light everyday jobs to heavy-duty DIY projects. Designed through superb craftsmanship and no-nonsense quality control, the WB201  can support a maximum weight of 3000lbs.

Furthermore, with the extra-thick 1-inch solid rubberwood surface, the workbench provides a beautiful addition to a homely garage. Aside from elevating your space, it also offers a rugged yet gorgeous work surface that will resist the rigors of any project and last throughout the years. To complete the garage’s aesthetics, the solid rubberwood surface is coated with an eco-friendly varnish that is absolutely safe for humans and our little furry friends at home.

A simple pull-out drawer integrated into the worktop provides space for your workshop equipment. The sleek design fits seamlessly with the interior of the home while protecting and neatly storing your items! 

In addition to the drawer, the heavy-duty adjusting feet protect your floor from scratches and make it simple to alter the height of the workbench legs slightly to prevent tipping over or wobbling when the workbench is positioned on uneven surfaces. The workbench’s basic and durable design makes it ideal for a variety of professional and personal applications. Configure it in your garage, warehouse, central office, cellar, workshop, or home.

Sum Up

There you have it! With this article you would have no trouble choosing which workbench is the best for you and your garage. Although both offer excellent craftsmanship, you might as well just purchase both to never miss out on a great garage!

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