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Workbenches: The Ultimate Garage Companion

If you're someone who loves tinkering, fixing, and creating wonders in the comfort of your own garage, then listen up.

Using a Workbench

Why You Should Invest in a Sturdy Workbench

If you're a DIY enthusiast or have a garage full of tools and equipment, having a sturdy workbench is essential.

Premium Garage

Why A Smart Storage Solution is a Worthy Investment

If you're looking for a way to maximize your garage storage space, consider investing in garage overhead storage racks and wall shelves.

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Garage Super Deals Especially for You

Spending more time indoors because of the cool weather got you thinking of better organization for your place.

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The Garage is Not Just for Men. Here’s how

For generations, women have been assigned stereotypical roles in society.

Fleximounts Workbench

What a Garage Workbench Can Do for You?

Have you tried working on projects without a proper workbench?


Enhance Your Garage Space with Wall-Mounted Shelves

Having a messy garage floor is making you sick and exhausted, right?


How to Pull Off a Last-Minute Dance Party in the Garage

Lost your party venue for your daughter’s birthday at the very last minute? 

Fleximounts overhead garage storage

Why We Recommend Installing Overhead Garage Storage Racks

Many garages have been plagued by massive quantities of clutter for a very long time.

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New Year Deals from FlexiMounts

There’s a reason why December to January is probably one of the most favorite months of many. 

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Grab these Christmas Deals Offered by FlexiMounts

Want to have a brand new garage as soon as the New Year kicks in? 

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Overhead Garage Storage Racks You Need to Invest in this 2023

To keep your garage free of clutter, we'll let you in on a not-so-secret: Make the most of your ceiling space by using overhead garage storage racks.

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My Simple Christmas Wish

My Christmas wish is to finally have a clean garage. 

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Most Essential Bike Accessories that a Cyclist Should Own

When we first bought our bike, we did not think far ahead.

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Special Christmas Offers from FlexiMounts

Why should you be buying garage items when the Christmas season is already full of so many expenses? 

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Overhead Garage Storage Systems: Why Installing these Will Encourage Cleanliness in Your Space

The garage is the area of the home that has experienced the greatest clutter out of all the rooms.

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The Black Friday Special: Top Wall-Mounted Garage Shelves in Our Shopping Cart

The storage system that perfectly matches our garage is something we are actively looking for.

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Which Modern Garage Storage Fits Your Needs: Ceiling or Vertical Storage?

The good news (or not) is that you are not battling this alone; as a matter of fact, many garage owners are in this kind of dilemma.

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Venue Canceled? Consider Holding Your Special Event in the Garage Instead

Picture this.

Fleximounts WRC24B

Installing Garage Wall Shelves is One of the Wisest Decisions Ever

Maintaining the garage's floor free of clutter could take too much work.

Fleximounts Work Bench

Why Owning a Garage Workbench is Essential

Without a workstation, what good is a garage workshop?

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Autumn's Best: Fall-ing in Love with these Fleximounts Garage Storage Systems

Summer is over; welcome to fall!

Nice and Clean

Best Selling Products from FlexiMounts You Want to be in Your Garage

There are many reasons as to why people prefer a product over another in a shop catalog.

Everyone's Favorite Garage Storage Solutions

Recently, I've been more interested in organizing my garage. As a self-described maximalist, I can say with certainty that I still can't Marie Kondo my way to cleaning, but I find it calming to organize, arrange, and tidy my two-car garage space. Yes, I admit to having a terrible habit of accumulating interesting items that I never use. I always stop by the bookshops on my way to do my grocery shopping and stock up on books, but I won't start reading them until I've finished the stacks of novels that are already waiting to be read. Alternatively, when I'm down, I go to the arts and crafts aisle to pick up pencils, markers, paints, craft sheets, canvases, and other supplies. You know, though, that I won't even attempt it because I only create art when there's nothing on Netflix to watch. Or go through shopping websites for stuff like bags and clothes I may not have the chance to use or wear anytime soon because remaining home is the most practical way to avoid contracting the virus. In addition, I still keep all the gifts my friends and family gave me over the years, including special mementos from my youth that I found difficult to part with. In other words, I am a bonafide sentimental maximalist. I'll be the first to admit that it will take some time to break my tendency to collect and hoa

Busted: Misconceptions about Cycling

There are rumors and bits of knowledge about cycling. Surely, we have been victims more than once. So, it is still necessary to check to see if it is true or false, regardless of how credible it seems at first. Right, we don't want to be a source of false information. So now that we know better, let's disprove a few of the cycling-related myths that are currently circulating.
Cycling costs a lot.
If you're looking to buy some cycling equipment, you will be given a broad selection of price options. There are certain items with ceiling-high price tags, but there are also many more reasonably priced choices available. So, no, getting a bike and its accessories don't always require shelling out so much money that you would be getting a loan or a mortgage. If you shop sensibly, you will have money left to, well, like, purchase a new bike. Kidding.
You must purchase bikes designed for different genders.
This is a funny one. There aren't any bicycles sold just for men or women. Even so, it makes sense for someone to look for gender-specific ones when it comes to the build, especially for ladies who are generally physically smaller than men. However, one just needs the bike to be fitted before being purchased. Then you may customize it to meet your size, preferences for colors and designs, and desired features.

Happy Labor Day Sale at FlexiMounts

Labor Day is just around the corner. On September 5, we will be celebrating all the hard work of each and every employee in the United States. One with the celebration, FlexiMounts is currently offering selected products at discounted prices. Don’t miss the chance to get the same excellent quality at a lower price point. Here are all the items for sale:


Price: $179.99 Get it for 15% off when you use the code FM901. We all know that ceiling-mounted storage solutions are perfect for items that we don’t use regularly. This FlexiMounts storage unit is 4’x6’ in size and has a height adjustment of 22 to 40 inches. Its weight capacity is at 400 pounds and is made of cold-roll steel. Like other FlexiMounts products, it is waterproof and carries the signature FlexiMounts’ integrated grid design. It has a safe and high loading capacity and can be easily installed by following the step-by-step instruction and installation template that come with the product.

The 4 Garage Storage Options That Everyone Wants

My interest in garage organization has recently grown. Though I can clearly state that I still can't Marie Kondo my way to cleaning as a self-described maximalist, I find it soothing to organize, arrange, and tidy my two-car garage area. I have a bad habit of collecting beautiful things I don't use, which I will admit. I always make a detour to the bookshops when grocery shopping to pick up books, but I won't start reading them until I've finished all the stacks of books waiting to be read. If I'm feeling down, I would also go to the arts and crafts aisle to pick up some paints, pencils, markers, craft sheets, canvases, and other supplies. Or I would even explore online shops and look at stuff like the bags and outfits I would not even get to use or wear because I opt to stay indoors anyway now that the global health crisis is rising again. But as you are aware, I won't even attempt to work with it because I only create art when there is nothing to watch on Netflix. In addition, I still have everything my friends and family have given me over the years as presents, including sentimental items from my youth that I found challenging to part with. In other words, I am a qualified emotional maximalist. I'll be the first to confess that it will take me some time to break my pattern of gathering and hoarding things, but as I've said before, ordered chaos is a real thing. Of course, I

Garage Organization Made Easy with Wall Shelves as Storage

Too much effort may be required to keep the garage's floor clean of junk. The boxes and goods that should be stored in the garage area need to be constantly sorted, moved, and rearranged. However, the laborious procedure might become onerous because there simply isn't enough room to store your cars and bicycles while also housing all of your belongings. Therefore, make the most of the vertical space or the walls if you're seeking for a clever way to tidy your garage. It improves the total amount of storage space in your garage in addition to removing the stored things from the floor, which saves a lot of important floor space. The tripping risks that items like shovels, rakes, hammers and the like present in the area will also be reduced or even eliminated by clearing the floor of your garage. How much wall-mounted shelves may improve your area will amaze you. More items may be stored in the garage without making it appear cluttered. Furthermore, a correctly labeled organizer may easily resolve this issue, eliminating the need for you to repeatedly open the boxes. Wall-mounted shelves also make everything visible and simple to discover, which makes finding and storing certain goods simple. Utilizing a wall shelf system you can rely on is essential since it will ensure that your storage needs are met. Such a system should be tried and true for its dependability, stability, longevity, flexibility, and ease of use. All of these characteristics are present in the wide range of wall shelf products offered by Fleximounts.

Home Makeover? Why You Should Consider Tackling Your Garage First

You’ve been living in the same house for the past 20 years. It may be old but you don’t want to move out because there have been so many memories made in this one house. But you are longing for change since the kids have gone to live their separate lives. You want to do or feel something new, even though people might think you are already old. You are on the right track by thinking of changing your daily environment to feel some change in your life. But it doesn’t mean that you have to move out, build a new home or find a new place to stay. It can also mean changing the look of your current house, decluttering so you can take out what you no longer need and have more space in the house, and perhaps buying new furniture to replace your old ones. We all know that people rarely buy furniture but it’s something you can choose to replace since you have been using the same things since time immemorial. Okay, let’s assume you have decided to finally change the look of your house. Where should you start? Should the kitchen be your starting point because you cook your meals there and you want it to be done before anything else? Should you start in your bedroom because you want to take care of your personal stuff first before you go through the things that don’t belong to you; for example, your kids’ toys back when they were in Kindergarten. Or should you start redesigning the living room since it’s where you accept visitors?

What Every Homeowner Wants their Garage to Be

We all have our dream garages. Maybe some of us are car enthusiasts who fancy a sparkling garage with sports cars lined one after another. Maybe there are many of us who want a high-tech garage with two levels of car parking that automatically moves the car out and everything in the garage is robotic or voice-powered. Maybe some just want a spacious garage enough to host intimate events, build one’s fitness, convert an area into a workshop, and have it for other purposes. We also envision our garages to be safe for both the little kids and pets. We want it to be clean and clutter-free. We want it to be easy to stay neat and organized. We want to maximize the storage space. We want it to be free of smell and to be able to control the temperature inside. We want our garage to not have pests, cracks, holes, and chipping paint. Much like how we dream our houses to be, we also have an ideal picture of how we want our garage to look like. The key here is not to really renovate the space or to make it bigger. We do not need to spend thousands of bucks just to have our dream garage or a garage space that’s safe for pets and children. The key here is maximizing what we could currently work with. For instance, we want space for other activities inside the garage but we also want it to be

Cycling Necessities for Beginners

A cyclist invests in a couple of essential items that assist in his safe and enjoyable ride, aside from the bicycle, of course. One must have proper cycling clothing and bicycle accessories. Purchasing any of these costs you money, so investing in high-quality and durable equipment is crucial. Not only will they last for a long time, but they will also keep you safe. As newbies, you might start cycling out of curiosity, for fun, and as a hobby, but when you get to enjoy cycling further and farther, you will carve a path from being a newbie to a hobbyist and even to a potential athlete.

Cycling Necessity #1: Cycle clothing

The first thing in mind to purchase after the bicycle unit is the clothing. Because you use most of your body muscles when cycling, you will most likely sweat a lot. And this could get intolerable while cycling. It is best to purchase comfortable, breathable clothing with moisture management features. Make sure to check the material of the clothes. One that is quick-drying would be best to make you still feel comfortable when actively cycling. Another thing to take note of when purchasing clothes is to find a good-fitting base layer of clothing, which sits close to the skin. It is likely to move, making you feel more comfortable. You do not need to fix your clothes constantly, which can be distracting while cycling. It helps in maintaining your concentration on the road and your cycling movement. Essentially, the base la

Bicycle Accessories We Can't Live Without

You have tons of bicycle accessories on your checklist. Some of which you have came to know from a friend, from a fellow cyclist, or upon reading articles about cycling. So far, which of the accessories are already in your arsenal? Helmet? Check. Anti-fall elbow pads and knee pads? Check. Cycling clothes? You have recently bought three pairs. Bike lights? You got a powerful headlight and tail light upon a friend's recommendation. Mini pump? You have already attached it next to the water bottle. The list does not end here, apparently. The more you dive deeper into cycling, the list of accessories will grow as there are infinite kinds that specifically cater to a particular need. But, sometimes, we tend to overlook the need to secure our bicycles. Practically speaking, we are not on our bikes 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The bicycles are often left unattended in one corner of the house. Some are left on the porch or the patio. Others are left leaning on the garage walls. Ultimately, the bicycles are subjected to changing temperatures and moisture build-up. Bikes left standing may cause deterioration of the bicycle mechanics and external damage. And if we want to cycle to destinations but do not want to cycle on our way there, we transport our bikes on our cars. It could mean having them lay down on the pickup truck's cargo bed, which may also result in damages, especially if the roads going to the bike location are rough and the storage is not secured. It would be less of a concern if you own folding bikes. If not, then p

Bringing Back Your Garage to Its Glorious Days

You haven’t been fixing your garage for quite a time now. Money has not been a visitor for months in your household, and the garage is the last place you would think to spend your valuable cents on. But one day, you stopped in front of your garage and remembered its glorious days. You are an artist and you love making art using different kinds of materials. The garage was your home. You painted portraits of your cats in the garage. You have made sculptures and ceramics out of clay and cement in the garage. You have made many pieces of wood furniture at home and even sold some to many of your friends and relatives. You have also done a lot of metal and glass work that even your wife, ever critical, has seen marvelous. There was a time when you turned your garage into a roller skating rink because you wanted your kids to have fun at home. There was also an occasion when your wife organized a backyard party and the garage was where the buffet was located. In short, you’ve done a lot in your garage but now, it’s just a pile of garbage. You did not have time to make art anymore because you were busy making ends meet after your five-year-old kid was diagnosed with leukemia. She miraculously survived and it has been five years since then. At present, you already have a job that pays well. Your wife’s buy and sell an online business is taking off. You want to bring your garage back to its glorious days.

End of the Month Sale! Get these products up to 30% off

Did someone just say sale? Before this month ends, FlexiMounts has a special treat for its loyal and new customers. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your garage for quite a while now, you may start by decluttering it and installing smart storage solutions. You came into the right place at the right time because FlexiMounts is offering selected products on a discount from July 27 to July 31. You can enjoy sale offers up to 30% if you shop within these days. So why would you want overhead storage racks, workbenches, and bike racks for your garage? All these can maximize the storing capacity of your garage by organizing everything that is stored inside of the space. By installing storage units on the ceiling or on the floor, you are able to free up your floor which is intended to be your parking area or a spot where you do repairs or make things in your garage. We have a list of all the products on sale these next few days.


Original Price: $449.99-$549.99 Sale Price: 359.99 Get a 20% discoun

7-Day Deals: Get these Products for 15% Less

It’s a great time to finally clean your garage. Not only because summer days are not yet over, but because you are on the right site to finally consider decluttering your garage and installing smart storage solutions such as overhead storage racks and wall shelves. You have probably been putting off your garage for the longest time. Maybe because you are overwhelmed with the clutter that you’ve acquired and don’t want to tackle it. Maybe because you think you do not have the time and it seems like it will consume your whole weekend to finish. Maybe because you have no one to help you declutter the garage. Maybe because you think it will be expensive and you don’t have the extra money for it. Well, good friend, you are in luck because FlexiMounts is having its 7-Day Deals again from July 20 to July 26. So we really mean it that now is the great time to finally start that garage clean-up and upgrade you’ve been planning for weeks, months, and years. For seven days, you will get a 15% discount on selected products of FlexiMounts. Just use the Coupon Code FM718 upon checkout so that you’ll enjoy the special promo. Here are all the products that you can shop on a discount now:


Ceiling-Mounted Storage Units for Items You Can't Let Go Of

It doesn’t mean that when you don’t use a particular item frequently anymore that you already have to discard it. We are often told that when we haven’t used something for a year or so that we should already throw it away, and rightfully so in many cases as we tend to hoard items and keep them even if they add little to no value to our lives anymore. But time shouldn’t be the only measure. What about the sentiments that you hold for the item? What if it was given to you by your grandma when you were eight years old before she breathed her last breath? What if the item was just only kept until you can hand it down to your younger sibling for use? This will save the family money and you can also pass fond memories to your younger sibling. What if it’s a family heirloom and should be passed from one generation to the next? There are many reasons as to why you are still keeping something under your possession. While others may judge you for still keeping certain items they think you should throw away already, you remain firm that you want to keep these for yourself. So since you’ve decided that you aren’t going to discard these items that you don’t use anymore, you should find a way or a system that will allow you to keep them while staying organized. One way is to store them in overhead or ceiling mounted storage solutions. This type of storage unit is commonly used for items that you use occasionally or are just for keeps. Since you don’t really need to access them on a regular b

Where to Temporarily Keep Your Belongings

Do you feel at a loss where to keep items that you would be discarding sometime soon? You are not alone. Most people don’t know where to put items that they won’t be keeping permanently. They don’t want to put it inside their homes because it would just take up space where they can move around. They don’t even want to throw it already because they think they can still use it in the future. They are looking to store it temporarily for a friend or a relative until the said person takes it from them. They are are storing it temporarily and will be using it for an occasion or event. They used it for their business that did not become successful but they still think it would have a use for them should they decide to reopen the business. They are renovating a room in the main house or would be moving to a new house but it’s still under construction so they need to have a space for these items while they’re still stuck in the old house. Do not panic if you are in any of the aforementioned situations or a related case. These are items that can be beneficial to you in the future so you’d want to take care of them even if they don’t have a purpose for you at the moment. So why not make use of wall shelves installed in your garage? This is the kind of storing solution that you use for items that you need to be accessible, meaning you won’t need to use a ladder to reach them or to take out other items just to be able to take them out as well. Wall shelves, as the name implies, take the space of your vacant wa

Storage Units to Have Space for Making Art in the Garage

You just quit your corporate job to finally pursue art. People have been batting an eyelash at you, thinking that you’re up to no good. They even think you’ve gone delusional when you said you’ve decided to leave Wall Street and do art full-time. They can’t fathom why you’re saying goodbye to a six-figure salary and deciding to do art, an industry that you don’t know how to navigate. They think you should have thought it through, not knowing that you’ve been contemplating it since you were a college freshman. You’ve been stuck in a career that you do not just like, but you also despise. You do not want to live trying to become richer every moment of your waking life. Even if the world runs around money, you don’t want your world to revolve around making money. When you learned about the dirty business that your company is involved in, it was the final straw. You couldn’t take it anymore and so you leave. Not exactly penniless because you’ve been saving up money since you started working five years ago. The silver lining in all of these is you can, at the very least, afford to enroll yourself in art school and learn the ins and outs of the industry. You can also afford materials to create art—ceramics, sculptures, painting, and more. And so, the changes begin. Around two weeks ago, you moved back to your parent’s house in New Jersey. You decided to start a shop in the garage but it hasn’t been cleaned for years now. You begin to declutter, asking y

Organizing the Garage to Be Your Inventory Space

So you want to start your own business? You have finally saved up, enough to quit your job and go full-time on your entrepreneurial project. Now you’re stuck at home—thinking about everything you have to do to kickstart the business and get things running. Of course, you also dream of your business growing and flourishing into an established brand in the industry of your choice. Before this happens, you have to make do with what you have at the moment. You can have your own dedicated workspace in your bedroom, living room, or any vacant area in your house. This will be where you conceptualize ideas for your brand as well as do important research and development work. But where will be your supply factory located? Where will you put your stocks and do inventory? If there is no space at your house, then the next best option to store them is in the garage which brings us to your next mission: decluttering and organizing the garage to become your inventory space. First off, take away all the items in your garage and divide them into four piles: throw away, keep, sell, and donate. Organize a garage sale for the items that you are no longer using and you think other people would still benefit from. It can either be through an online marketplace or going the old-school route and selling the items in your backyard. For more fun, you can do both. After you’ve dis

Items You Can't Store in the Garage

Gone are the days when garages serve only as a storage space. Nowadays, it can also become a workshop of sorts, an intimate events venue, a fitness center, a roller skating rink, and a lot more. Still, the garage is of course used to park the car and as a storage space for outdoor supplies and seasonally used items. Since its primary function is for storage, you might think you can store anything inside of it. That’s far from reality. There are items that you could not store in the garage because they are hazardous or dangerous, they are attractive to pests, and they might break if stored in the garage. If you want to preserve these items in your possession as well as ensure the safety of your house, take note of our list below on what you should not store inside your garage, in any case.
Dangerous Materials
You don’t want to keep materials that are flammable in the garage. It’s a no-no for instance to store a propane tank inside the garage because it can leak anytime, ignite, and start a fire that you might not be able to put off until it has already destroyed your whole house. You have to store these flammables in an area that is well-ventilated. But then, you might be asking if gasoline is okay to be stored in the garage given that you’ve seen so many homeowners do so. Well, yes you may! But you have to put it inside a container that’s appropriate and far away from something that might ignite. C

FlexiMounts Is On Sale Until May 1

As a consummate shopper, you probably know where all the sales are. And the exact reason why you are scouring through the FlexiMounts website today. Maybe it’s a friend of yours or your husband or wife who told you that we are having a 7-day deal that is currently ongoing. It started last April 25 and will be up until May 1. It came at the best time because you have been wanting to upgrade your garage for the longest while. It’s the entry point to your house so every guest that enters sees what your garage looks like. You even took a leave at work because now you are finally deciding to upgrade the garage. The home looks very inviting and warm to your guests but the garage doesn’t look anything indicative of someone living in the house. You have filled it with so much clutter throughout the years that you have put off every chance to clean it and organize everything stored inside the garage. So this 7-day deal from FlexiMounts comes at a perfect time where you are finally ready to go over that garage and clean it. First things first, before you can install any new storage solution to your garage, you must take out everything it stores and separate your belongings into four piles: keep, discard, sell, and donate. Set aside those that you will keep and then throw away the items that are no longer functional. Set up a garage sale in your yard and those that you cannot sell, donate it to a local charity or organization. Afterwards, thor

The Secret to Doing Many Activities this Spring Season

There are many things you can do this spring season. For one, you don’t have to stay indoors all the time since many people are already vaccinated. The Winter season is already over and the chunks of snow that once filled up the streets are already gone. You are free to frolic around (but still mindful of following some health protocols) and wander outside, enjoy life, and take a breath of fresh air. If you’re into sports, you may play tennis at the public park. You may go to a golf course near you and have a chill match with your best buds. If you love cycling, you can go to the best cycling spots and enjoy chill rides with your family and friends. If you like to jog or run, you may go farther than the park near your neighborhood. Or you may hit a school field to play a heated match of football. Or you may want to go rowing in a lake that’s half an hour away from you. If you’re into cooking and hosting friends, you may invite them over to a garden party. You may prepare tables and chairs for everyone or even set up a picnic-style kind of get-together. Or you may ask the whole group to meet up at the park and have a picnic there. If you’re into camping, there are many camping spots that have opened where you can bring the whole family to enjoy a bonfire night while grilling s’mores. If you’re not up to going outdoors, there are t

FlexiMounts Gifts for Easter Sunday

Easter 2022 is just around the corner. In fact, it’s less than two weeks from now with Easter Sunday falling on April 17 this year. You might already be anticipating the holiday because your family is big on celebrating it. You grew up in a strictly Catholic family and through the years would be fasting every Lent or through the 40 days of penance, starting from Ash Wednesday and ending on Black Saturday. On Easter Sunday, you celebrate along with the whole Catholic community the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In modern times, many also celebrate Easter Sunday. It marks a new life for them as winter has ended and they can finally be more mobile again. There are brighter days to look forward to, and it calls for a celebration after the long cold days of winter. Your mom will most likely prepare Easter food such as lamb and pastries. Children would come dressed in their best Sunday attire and hunt for the eggs that the adults hid around the house. Adults come and go, and share stories while drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning. Why not twist it up this year and have an adult Easter egg hunt? Since you are running out of venues to hold events, use your garage to surprise your guests. Clean it up, organize your possessions, park your car temporarily on the driveway, roll up the garage door and let the party begin from the inside to the outside garden. Instea

Organization Tips to Maximize Garage Space

Isn’t it funny and ironic that our garage space could not hold our vehicles anymore? While the garage is supposedly a parking space, it is now full of miscellaneous items as we have now unconsciously converted it into a repository of anything that we deem not fit anywhere else in the house. And that leaves our cars outdoors, exposed to UV, tree sap, and bird droppings. And not to mention extreme weather conditions during winter and summer. In actuality, the garage can be the best of both worlds; it is in the effective organization of your space. Here is a rundown of helpful tips to maximize your garage space.
First off, clean and declutter your garage.
All the other organization tips will be for naught if you miss this step. The very first thing to achieving a clean, organized, and spacious garage is to declutter your stuff. Set at least a full day on a weekend or holiday to clean out your garage. To make the job faster, involve your family, or perhaps, a few friends can help you out. Then go through all your boxes. Never leave anything unpacked. Sort through your belongings and categorize them into three piles: toss, donate or sell, and keep. We know it is hard to let go of your things, especially if they hold sentimental value. But if the items are no longer of use, beyond repair, cannot be repurposed or upcycled, it is time to let go. Why

How to Prep Yourself for Spring Cycling

At the first hint of warmth, here you go scrambling to unpack your bags and look for your cycling gears. So, when you wake up in the morning, look out the window and you will see how bright the sun is shining. And at last, you say to yourself, ah, it is time to get physical again and give your bicycle a spin. The sun-less season has made your skin as pale as ever, and now that you are gearing back to soak up some sun, you just could not wait any longer. But soon you will realize that your body is not in the best condition. The semi-hibernation during winter, indulging in holiday food, and snuggling on the sofa for most of your days are showing signs in your body. Not that you can go back in time and wish that you could have been more cautious with your lifestyle, there is still time to get back in shape, just in time for your first spring cycling. The cause is not yet lost. Here are some of the tips to get you in shape for your spring cycling.
Reminder to self: Always stay healthy
Towards the end of winter, we often see people get colds and coughs. Naturally so because of the change of weather brought upon by the changing season. If there is one thing the global pandemic has taught us is the importance of simple hygiene, which starts with frequent hand-washing. Other t

How to Prep your Bike for Spring Cycling

For many of us, winter has forced us into a dry spell when it comes to cycling. The grueling cold and snowy months have let us lock our bikes in the garage as we deemed seeing no action as the most practical thing to do. But hey, it is springtime already and we just could not wait to get out there and hop on our two-wheeled best friend as the weather is inviting us to get healthy and physical. The spring season is also the perfect time to get our grooves back as summer is just lurking around the corner. And you know that when summer comes, cycling events sprout here and there. And have you not been preparing for those sports events for a year now? You do not need to wait for summer to arrive before prepping yourself and your bike for what is to come. Spring is the time to make all the preparations, so do make it count! How to Prep your Bike for Spring CyclingHere are a few tips on how to get started and be back on track.
Adjust the seat of the bike
After having been stored for a long time, chances are that there are loose ends in some parts of your bike, which may include your bike seat. So before you ride on it again, make sure to tighten the seat, or else, you will be in trouble. Another measure to take on is to replace your seat in case the seat cover has been worn out. It would be too uncomfortable to sit on it if left unreplaced.