DIY Guide – The Installation of Fleximounts HandyJack

Choosing a garage storage rack often turns out to be a big deal, as a suitable wall shelf has a detailed, step-by-step installation process. All of us relish the idea of getting the benefits, comforts, and convenience they offer but are scared of the installation process. However, don’t allow yourself to worry about it as our newly launched Motorized Wall Shelf is easy and convenient to install in comparison with traditional garage racks. Let’s learn how to install this shelving in your garage to help with the organization of all your important items and equipment.

Tools Needed

To start the installation process, you have to lay out all the parts and screws included in the box. You will also need the following tools:

A drill,



Stud finder,



And the printed installation guide to use for reference.


To help make your shelf installation a success, you need to carefully plan the steps. Failing to follow this step may result in a shelf that is unpleasant, or possibly even worthless. It only takes 6 easy steps to install the Fleximounts Motorized Wall Shelf.


Step 1: Decide where and how high you would like to install your Fleximounts Motorized Wall Shelf. For optimal results, we recommend only installing it in areas with a minimum ceiling height of 9 feet. The shelf should also be installed between 90 and 95 inches above the floor.


Step 2: Once you’ve found the perfect location, grab your stud finder to locate the wall studs. Place your level on the top wall plate to ensure it is perfectly straight. Then, use the top wall plate to mark 4 mounting holes.


Step 3: Drill holes at the center of each marked point. Then, attach the top wall plate by driving 4 lag bolts with 4 washers into the pre-drilled holes.


Step 4: Attach the upright support to the bottom wall plate. Then clip the upright support to the top wall plate. Mark holes according to the placement of the bottom wall plate. Once marked, remove the upright support and drill holes into the marked points. Then attach and secure the upright support to the top wall plate using the included M5 bolts. Secure the bottom wall plate with the 70mm lag bolts and washers.


Step 5: Insert the upper and lower shelves at a slight incline to the upright support and secure with the M6 bolts.


Step 6: Finally, connect the power adapter to the motor using the connecting cable. Then, grab the remote control to test for smooth up-and-down operation.


And that’s it! Your Fleximounts Motorized Wall Shelf is now ready to save you space, time, and effort.

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