Benefits of Overhead Garage Racks

If your garage is currently serving as a storage unit for the overflow from your home, read on. If you have to dodge the clutter every time you drive your vehicle into your garage, or if you park your automobile in the driveway and avoid the garage all together, you’re about to learn about the benefits of overhead garage racks.

Go take a look at all the unused space in your garage. It’s located above. That’s right, the most underused area in your home is the space above your vehicle – or vehicles if you have a multi-car garage. There are multiple benefits of having overhead garage racks, but the main ones are helping you get organized and using your space more safely and efficiently.


What to Do with All the Stuff?

You can get rid of some items that you no longer have a need for by donating or having a garage sale. If you still have a lot of items to store, no worries. The empty space on your garage ceiling is waiting for you to make the most of it.

There are a few things to take into consideration before you begin.


Why Organize?

A little money and effort now can head off a lot of trouble later.

The main reason to get organized is safety. Also, the reason a garage exists is to keep your car protected from the elements.

With items crammed into your garage, there’s a real chance you or your children could trip over them, fall on them, or items could fall or tip over causing damage to your family and/or vehicle.


Take Stock of the Items You Want to Store

As mentioned above, decide what you need to keep and donate or sell the rest. Seasonal decorations will find a perfect home in overhead garage racks since you only need to take them out once a year.

Also, you can store tools and hardware, outdoor furniture, sporting goods including bicycles, skates, and the like. Measure the overhead space available to store all your belongings. Some common rack sizes are: 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 6’, 4’ x 4’, 3’ x 8’, and 3’ x 6’.


How to Protect Your Stuff

Get enough heavy-duty storage totes or boxes to pack all the items you want to keep and be sure they have a secure seal. This helps keep out dust, insects, humidity, and pests. Avoid cardboard boxes because they break down over time.

For bulky or odd shaped items, protect those by storing in thick canvas bags that zip closed. You can tape over the zipper for added protection.

For easy identification of the contents, either write directly on the containers with permanent markers or use masking tape and a marker. Write large enough to see the words at a distance.


Benefits of Overhead Garage Racks

  • Overhead garage racks are capable of holding several hundred pounds.
  • Most are manufactured from industrial grade steel meaning they are durable and most have a powder coat to protect the steel from scratching and rusting long term.
  • Some racks have fastening systems for hanging additional items off the bottom, like lights. You can also buy J-style hooks to hang items if they’re not provided with the racks you choose.
  • If you have a 2-car garage and have carved out some space for a workshop or home gym in the second car space, hanging additional lights would be ideal here.
  • Some overhead garage racks are motorized so you can raise and lower them by remote control. Others are stationary but you can still reach everything safely with a ladder.
  • You’ll be amazed at how much floor space is created once you put everything overhead. Now when your garage is open, the neighbors won’t need to see everything you own out on display.
  • With overhead garage racks, you won’t have to worry about the safety of your children, pets, and visitors.


What to Look for When Choosing Overhead Garage Racks

  • Overhead garage racks come in multiple sizes to fit your needs, space, and budget, so you can customize your storage space. Be sure to bring your measurements when you’re ready to purchase.
  • No two garages are the same, and no two houses have the same amount of items to store, so choose storage racks that have adjustable vertical height. This way you can adjust to any changing storage needs.
  • Do you want motorized or stationary racks?
  • Verify the product warranty. There should be one.
  • Many racks have color options available on the powder coat if this is something you want.
  • Most racks are fairly simple to install yourself, but if you’d rather not do that, the stores that sell overhead garage racks can put you in touch with an authorized installer.
  • With your belongings off the floor and out of the way, you may be tempted to “get more stuff”. Don’t do it! For now simply enjoy having a safe space to park your vehicle


One caveat to keep in mind: Whatever the size of your overhead garage racks, ensure you NEVER go above the loading capacity stated on the product. This could be injurious or even deadly.

There are so many ways to use your garage space more efficiently. Having overhead garage racks will improve the aesthetics of your home because you’ll be able to park your car inside the garage. With belongings stored above, you can move about freely and not worry about dangers to yourself, children, or pets. Plus you’ll know where everything is.

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