A life without a Hitch with FlexiMounts

Are you tired of looking at the chaos of a disorganized garage? Does the untidy appearance of your garage cramp your style? Does finding what you need eats more of your time than what you would like?

FlexiMounts is the answer to all of your untidiness woes!

Thanks to FlexiMount’s group of designers, they researched what every homeowner experiences with their garages, mainly how they handle their storage. As it turns out, the lack of an organized system for their garages takes the fun out of having one in the first place. So, in turn, FlexiMounts took it as the core mission to help every household keep nice, neat, and clean.
With that in mind, you probably are thinking about which FlexiMount product can help you achieve an oh-so-tidy and Instagrammable garage. Don’t worry, this article will help you decide which type of storage is right for you and your space! Keep on reading and find out what FlexiMounts has in store for you and the whole family!

For the Bikers and Bike Enthusiasts in your Family

Biking is a fun and exhilarating way to exercise. Not only will you push your muscle to its limits, but you will also be going around places as you burn calories.
There are places that offer great pavements and views for every biking enthusiast. As long as you bring your own bike, you are more than welcome to pedal your way around the tracks.But how exactly can you bring the whole family’s heavy-duty bikes? Thank goodness for FlexiMounts and their bike racks!

Take all of your bikes to your trips with  FlexiMounts!

The BHR4 BIKE HITCH RACK has an easy-to-fold arm whenever it is not in use. The foldable arm would never get in your way or block your view whenever you install it at the back of your vehicle. In addition, it also puts the flex in Fleximounts, courtesy of the adjustable and flexible straps that can carry up to four bikes of varying sizes.
Bumpy roads are not a problem as well with the BHR4 BIKE HITCH RACK. It can swing up and down, forward and backward, with the help of the tiltable mainmast. Lifting your bikes is no hassle as the rack pops back to its primary position through the all-steel anti-wobble knob.
One of our beloved clients, John Jinete and his wife, are avid bikers who are looking for a great bike rack to utilize. The BHR4 BIKE HITCH RACK is their dream come true while on a budget.
“My wife and I are avid bikes, and we were looking for a great bike rack. The ones offered by other companies are so overpriced for a bike rack that we are glad that FlexiMounts offer these for people saving money on other important things. Once we have our child, we would be purchasing more since we are planning to take them on biking trips as well.”
Another customer, Nick Vertelman, found that the BHR4 BIKE HITCH RACK securely mounts and holds their bikes.
“Very stable as it didn’t wobble during travel. Mounted and held the bikes securely. This rack is also very compact. It arrived quickly, was super easy to assemble and install. I am pleased with the heavy-duty construction of it as well as the thick layer of powder coating.”
See how the BHR4 BIKE HITCH RACK is a great addition to your life? It surely is a rack that would keep on rocking!

For those who want everything to be in its right place

The WO1 GARAGE HOOKS KIT contains 12 pieces of garage storage and organization system to help you meet your standards. Aside from that, you can optimize this kit anywhere inside your home. May it be inside your garage, basement, and even your bedroom, the WO1 GARAGE HOOKS KIT can handle it all.
With five varying sizes of garage hooks, this can accommodate any weight to your heart’s desire. The high-quality garage hook also proves to be a breeze to install. Anyone in the family can finish the installation within 10 minutes! You do not even need to worry about rusts, chips, and cracks as the super and powder-coated steel resist natural elements from destroying its stellar quality.
Shelley Eckhert quips that she should have ordered more as the WO1 GARAGE HOOKS KIT is a simple but effective way to organize her garage.
“Item (WO1 GARAGE HOOKS KIT) of exceptional quality. I wish I had ordered more when I first placed my order. I’m placing another order right now. For better organization, I hung my buckets and extension cords. They’re simple to move around the shelf and can accommodate a significant amount of weight without twisting.”

The family members who love do-it-yourself projects would adore the WB107

You can build your ideal workbench with the WB107 CUSTOMIZABLE WORKBENCH SHELVING FRAME kit.
You have all that you need to create your FlexiMount workbench — from the legs with pre-drilled screw holes to quality screws and an intensive instruction guide; you can customize your workbench according to your needs. While the kit may not include lumber, you have the freedom to choose one to your liking.
Robin S. proves that the kit’s flexibility and customizability are heaven-sent.

“First off, I like the flexibility that it gives you by only getting the legs. Second, I made the bench in the exact size that I wanted with the wood I had in my shop. So I didn’t have to waste the wood that it came with, and I could make it out of quality material from the start.

The legs are powder-coated metal, definitely thick, and aren’t flimsy like expected with most of these benches. They come with triangles to support the top shelf and little notches on the bottom shelves. I went with only two shelves so I could store things underneath. I was able to make this whole shelf with one sheet of plywood.

For anyone who cares, this is 60″ x20″ and has 2″ wide pieces for the supports under the shelves. I could’ve gone thicker with my supports so everything would be flush, but I wanted to be able to make this whole thing with the sheet of plywood I had already.It comes with Phillips head hardware.
The only thing I would change with this would ultimately be different hardware if I ever change the dimensions. The hardware is aesthetically pleasing but easy to strip out.Ultimately I am delighted with it.”

Final Thoughts

FlexiMounts ultimately proves that when it comes to customizability and quality, you can have it all with our great offerings.

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