Best Storage Racks for Garage

Almost most homeowners face the same problem about their garage. They find clutter things take their garage spaces and no more storage to store them. Moreover, having extra bike usually takes actual spaces for car especially home with limited garage spaces. You won’t also park it outside garage with the risk of being stolen, will you? So, the only answer for this problem is finding storage racks. Here is the list of best storage for garage that you can take into consideration.


MonsterRAX overhead garage storage racks are designed for heavy duty storing in your garage. MonsterRAX has dimension of 4’ x 8’ with ceiling drop-down distance between 24 inches and 45 inches from the ceiling. Build with industrial strength and high quality steels, this racks are expected to able hold about 600 pounds. Completed with patented ceiling brackets, the racks give safest connection followed by proper installation. You may find difficult time to install it by yourself, so need more hand to hold up the parts.


– The materials of the racks that made from industrial gauge steels are very sturdy and secure (followed with proper installment).

– Able to hold and accommodate several moderately heavy things such as bike and heavy utilities.

– Expected to hold about 600 pounds things.

– The heights can be customized to fit any garage space.

– Help to increase your garage space by storing and organizing clutter things under to overhead storage racks.

– Finished with white powder coat to ensure the durability and match your white walls and ceiling color.

– Backed with lifetime warranty.


In most of customer reviews, they revealed to have difficult times on installing the parts for hours at first. Although some of them didn’t want to waste their time then decide to hire professional, but some others stated that once they get feeling, they could easily get it done. However, some others also find the installation instruction was easy to understand so they could follow it easily. Overall, the product also receive a quite good score on Amazon with 3.8 out of 5 stars ratings and 50% customers give 5 stars on their comments.


FLEXIMOUNTS overhead garage storage rack can be your ideal choice to expand your garage spaces. Designed with durable and heavy duty overhead storage system, the racks have capacity to hold up belongings up to 550 pounds of weight. This rack has dimension of 96 x 36 x 30 inches (length x width x height) with white finished. You are also able to adjust the height from 22 to 40 inches easily for more convenient and safe space for storing things.


– Designed with ten heavy duty vertical posts with big storage space capacity.

– Constructed with cold-rolled steel materials ensure the durability.

– Designed integrated wire grid and frame design that welded together to offer more sturdy and stable design.

– All necessary hardware is easy to install by following the instruction.

– Can be installed on wood joints and concrete ceilings.


The capacity is less than the first product, but the quality of FLEXIMOUNTS is well-accepted by most of customers. Yet, there are some customers who find difficulties during installment like taking hours and more hand to build. However, they still close their statement with complements for the product. You can only find 4 to 5 stars rated comments which resulted on 4.9 out of 5 stars rating score.


Do you hate seeing your broom, grass rake or other yard tools falling on the garage floor messily? Well, that’s why you need Rubbermaid Tool Tower Rack with Casters to store and organize them. The rack is designed to hold up to 40 both long and short handled tools. For lighter tools such as broom or plastic rake, you can easily insert the handle down into tubing in the middle. While for heavy garden tool such as metal spade or shovel, the front clips and curved tubing allow them to be inserted head down for stability.


– You can easily assemble the parts without the help of other tools or hands.

– Build with 4 casters and 2 locking, the rack can be moved easily to fit any position in your garage.

– Curved tubing and front clips allow head down storage for stability.

– Completed with molded-in trimmer and electric cord holder.

– Designed with grid pattern on the base of the rack to keep the tools from sliding off.

– The price is affordable.


When reading the customer reviews, there are some minority of customers who posted critical reviews. Most of them are complaining to get wobbly and light products which easily bending because it is made from plastic. They also wonder why the product can’t hold 40 tools unlike the description. Some products’ casters didn’t work out as the way it should be or receiving broken and incomplete parts that maybe caused by shipping mistakes. However, Rubbermaid Tool Tower Rack still received quite impressive 4.4 out of 5 star ratings. From more than thousand reviews, about 66% of customers feel satisfied and give 5 stars on their comment.

4.Ceiling Mounted Storage Rack with Electric Hoist Shelves

This ceiling-mounted storage rack allows you to store and organized belongings overhead without the need to use ladder to reach the rack. The 4 x 4 foot steel platform construct with strong metal ensure to able load up to 250 pound items. Boxes, garden tools, tires, ladder, lumbers, even canoes can be lifted and stored with this rack. If you are a canoe’s fan, you don’t need to worry anymore that it will take spaces that belong to your car. Just simply lift it overhead with this ceiling mounted rack. Designed with electric pulley system, you just need to stand on the ground then crank the handle to safety and easily lift up the rack. Featuring innovative safety locking, the rack ensures that the load stays in place when you have fully raised to the position overhead.


– No longer need to use a ladder anymore to store and lift your garage’s item on the overhead racks.

– Designed with electric pulley system to allow users raise and lower the rack with easy access.

– The cable length is easily traveling lift more than enough to reach 12’ garage ceiling.

– Built with steel hook bar and metal construction ensures the durability last longer.

– The assembling and installation process based on the instruction is quite easy to follow.


– The products can only load and lift items up to 250 pounds isn’t like 2 previous product.

– The motorized travel lift needs to be controlled manually to stop the motor.


Saferacks overhead storage rack will help you to store clutter things in the garage floor above. Featuring 4’ x 8’ patented channel design, the rack can hold up to 600 pounds of weight. So you can store your heavy garden tools, boxes, or lift up your bike. The rack is designed can be installed with ceiling drop-down distance between 24″ and 45″ from the ceiling, so you adjust the weight easily. Moreover, the rack is made from industrial standard steel materials that make it last longer.


– Able to store and lift up items up to 600 pounds of weight.

– Constructed with industrial standard strength steel with white powder coat finish to ensure the durability.

– You can get lifetime warranty when purchasing from Saferacks.

– The installation instruction is easy to follow


From more than two hundred reviews on Amazon, there are some customers who feel disappointed and only give 1 star on their comment. Some of them stated that they found the installation process is very difficult while the instruction can’t help much with only less pictures and examples in it. Some others also complain about the price, bad customer service, poor design, etc. However, Saferacks overhead storage rack still received 4.7 out of 5 stars ratings, an impressive score overall. About 72% of customers give their 5 stars comment to state their satisfaction toward the products.


There are some tips you need to consider before choosing to purchase one of the products above. First, you need to shop around the price, make sure your money is enough to purchase your desired product. If not, you can consider choose other option. Second is location to install the rack. For example, to install overhead rack need at least two joints at each corner to screw the rack. Ensure the overhead rack height isn’t disturbing the mobility of cars or others in the garage. The last is lighting issue. Just simply ensure that the storage racks don’t block the light in the room.

Problem of clutter things on your garage floor now is only an old story. The storage racks for garage above will help expand your garage spaces right away. Start to decide the product you want to purchase now!


Best Storage Racks for Garage